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The Expert Advisor assists in opening and tracking open orders before they are closed.


Define entry point on one or several symbols according to your trading system.

Set Magic to identify orders. Change Comment if necessary.

In Simbols parameter, set necessary symbols indicating sell (minus sign) or buy (plus sign) and order sizes.

Switch Start to true.

After all specified symbols are closed, switch Start to false, so that specified orders are not opened anew after they are closed by stop loss or profit, or leave true to open new series of Simbols orders after closing.

Select the following parameters for tracking orders: Profit, Martin, Step-Loss, MaxStep, Trailing, Visual.

Input Parameters

  • Start - true – start trading, false – do not start trading, while open orders are tracked according to the algorithm till they are closed
  • Magic - magic number for all orders
  • Comment - if specified, a comment is added to orders
  • Simbols - all necessary pairs with their directions (+ or -) and lot sizes are set at once
  • Profit - profit in deposit currency considering spread, swap and commission
  • Martin - if -1, stop loss is activated, 0 - permanent basic lot, 1 - increasing by a basic lot, >1 - lot multiplier
  • Step-Loss - stop loss for Martin=-1 or as an adding step for Martin = from 0 and more
  • MaxSteps - the maximum number of addings
  • Trailing - trailing start at the specified profit level
  • TrailingStep - trailing step
  • Visual - true/false – enable/disable data display
  • Font - select font size for data display
  • Font color - select font color
  • Background color - select background color

Martin Parameters

  • Martin = 0 // -1 - stop loss is activated, 0 - permanent basic lot, 1 - increasing by a basic lot, >1 - lot multiplier
  • Martin = -1 // Martin is disabled; stop loss is activated, its size is determined by Step-Loss = 100
  • Martin = 0 // permanent basic lot is used, its size is set in Simbols parameter: 0.10-0.10-0.10-0.10-0.10-0.10
  • Martin = 1 // increasing order(s) set in Simbols parameter by a basic lot: 0.10-0.20-0.30-0.40-0.50-0.60
  • Martin = 1.4 // in case of >1, number of order lots is increased by the set ratio: 0.10-0.14-0.20-0.27-0.38-0.54

Expert Advisor's Data Panel

  • Magic 9 – magic: order magic number, Start true/false – start: enabled/disabled, Steps true/false – adding system: enabled/disabled
  • Simbols – symbols: name, sell or buy sign, order size
  • Next Step – next step of the adding: symbol name, sell or buy, size of the orders to be opened at the next bend considering Martin
  • Sum Open – sum of open orders: symbol name, sell or buy, sum of open lots of the orders having the same magic number
  • Max Steps – maximum permissible number of addings
  • Sum Steps – number of already occurred addings without considering the first orders
  • Current profit – current profit/loss: by the open orders having the same magic number
  • Profit for closing – take profit sum for closing orders
  • Step/Loss – loss: $100 (for closing or adding)
  • Trailing – trailing: 0 (displaying trailing size)

P.S. The Expert Advisor has no algorithm for opening orders. It can be used with any strategy – from the standard one-order trading up to multicurrency one (2 orders and more).

P.P.S. Find out the examples of the trading robot's practical application at http://novikov.dp.ua/fortrader/sovetniki/assistant-primery-torgovli.html (in Russian).

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