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PipEze Swap Info

Swap charges widget – Swap Info – created to display hidden swap charges.

A swap is a cost of rolling a position from one day to the next. The swap charge differs depending on the market you are trading. In certain situations when trading currencies, your account may be credited with a swap fee.

If you decide to hold a position overnight, you may be charged swap points depending on the market that you trade, as well as whether you went long (bought) or short (sold). The swap charge is essentially the cost of rolling the transaction from one day to the next.

Knowing swap charges can be critical sometimes as if you decide to hold on Your losing position negative swap adding to Your already week investment.

PipEze swap widget comes with GUI which allows the user to change currency pair and dynamic color display helps to recognize positive and negative swap.
Additionally, you can set a widget to send You notifications every time swap of chosen currency pair has changed.

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