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Sakura TREE

The strategy is optimized only for the pair USD \ JPY. Spread - no more than 15 pips.

I strongly recommend using an account with 5-digit quotes.

Set with settings for 5-digit quotes can be downloaded here. Alpari Recommended Broker


Trading robot Sakura TREE is an automatic trading tool for a pair of USD \ JPY. Trading is conducted on the breakdown of important levels, taking into account current volatility. The robot has a built-in market control mechanism that allows the algorithm to automatically adjust to price changes.

Not used martingale, grid and arbitrage.

Each transaction has a fixed stop loss.

Thanks to the flexible settings, you can independently adjust the risk and set the size of the position.

The Expert Advisor can be launched and tested on any time frame, it will take the necessary data itself.

Transactions a year a little. Be patient and let the robot work.

Do not interfere.


Strategy settings

  • Take Profit - take profit in points;
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in points;
  • Expiration in hours - expiration time of pending orders in hours;


  • Selection MM - choice between dynamic and fixed lot;
  • Fixed - fixed lot size;
  • Dynamic, percent of risk,% - percentage of the risk from the deposit for the selected dynamic lot;


  • Off / on aggression - off / on aggressive mode
  • Method selection - the choice between the classic martingale and the "gate".

  1. Classic martingale - after each failed transaction, the lot of the next transaction increases.
  2. Flap - the last used lot is remembered, which will be used until the deposit is restored to its maximum value.

  • Multiplier of martingale - lot increase ratio for the following deals when using martingale.

  • Off \ on - off \ on trailing stop
  • Min Profit - minimum profit in points to activate the trailing stop;
  • Level BE - the breakeven level, where the stop loss is transferred for the first time;
  • Step - a step to change the stop loss.


  • Auto detection of digit capacity - on / off automatic detection of digit capacity of quotes. All settings enter for 5-digit quotes, the robot automatically calculates everything for 4-digit ones.
  • Slipping - slipping;
  • Magic is a magic number.

DarkSpectrum 2019.07.16 09:22 

Sakura TREE has proven to be a very safe and stable addition to my EA portfolio. My personal approach to automated trading is to select EAs where I can maintain a very safe level of drawdown (2-5% max) and Sakura TREE gives me that ability with the risk settings. Some EAs have risk algorithms which don’t seem to factor in the stop loss but Sakura TREE’s money management programming is very accurate and represents the actual risk per trade. By running a portfolio of safe and stable EAs and I can relax and know that my account balance is not in any significant risk while it grows consistently each month.

I've run extensive backtests on Sakura TREE since 2010 using Tick Data Suite and the strategy is definitely long term with no optimisation required. Any EA that requires ongoing optimisation is not a solid strategy in my opinion. A solid strategy should stand up in any market condition and so far Sakura has done that. I also like that Sakura trades the USDJPY pair because it allows me to diversify my portfolio into other currencies.

It is very difficult to find products on the MQL5 market which don't use risky strategies like martingale, grids, averaging, recovery or arbitrage. Sakura TREE doesn't use any of those things, instead, it appears to use a variety of proven technical indicators to take high percentage trades at opportune moments. Sakura always uses a set SL and TP so even if something goes wrong on my VPS, my account balance is protected. Nikita is also very open to my communications, responds to my enquiries promptly and is just lovely to deal with.

Considering the low cost of the EA and the long term safe nature of the trading strategy, this purchase was a no brainer for me. Thank you Nikita, keep up the great work!

Version 1.3 2019.07.16
Added parameter "user comment"
Version 1.2 2019.06.25
- the code is lightened, it allows to conduct tests faster;
Version 1.1 2019.06.25
- upgrading the definition of bit quotes;