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Trend direction

This is a customizable trend direction indicator based on the crossing of the two moving averages (MA).

You can indicate and analyze MA from another timeframe with no need to change your timeframe.

Example: you can use an MA on the current M15 chart with another one on H1 timeframe and see both in one chart at the same time.

H1 shows the trend direction and M15 displays entry and exit points.

Input Parameters

  • FastMA_Period - first MA period
  • FastMA_TimeFrame - first MA timeframe
  • FastMA_Method - first MA method
  • FastMA_ApplyPrice - first MA applied price
  • SlowMA_Period - second MA period
  • SlowMA_TimeFrame - second MA timeframe
  • SlowMA_Method - second MA method
  • SlowMA_ApplyPrice - second MA applied price
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