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Swift Trading System


Swift Trading System is a simple yet stable and powerful trend trading system based on multiple instances of the moving average as well as the RSI and ADX indicators.

No toxic strategies like Grid, Martingale, Averaging or others are used!

Takeprofit and hard or trailing stoploss are supported to protect your equity.
This expert also has an option to only trade in the direction of positive swaps which makes maintaining long-term positions a lot less risky and significantly more profitable.

The system is easy to set up and provides visual cues about its judgement of the current market situation so you can quickly understand what is happening at any time.

Swift works on any timeframe and with every instrument: currencies, commodities, indices, stocks etc.


Recommended settings files for multiple tested symbols can be found on my website.

The general settings are designed for long-term success and should perform reasonably well in the long run regardless of the immediate market situation.

Additionally, I will upload specific short-term settings before the first day of every month which are generated based on the market development in the previous month and should achieve good results in the month they are released. If you also want to receive those monthly set files by e-mail just contact me.

Important: Learn how to manage the monthly setups here.

There is, of course, no guarantee that I can produce profitable settings for every month!

At the end of every month I will perform and publish backtests with the settings released at its beginning so you have a way of comparing your trades with what could have been expected of the monthly settings.

Live monitoring of the montly settings can be found here.


Since the market is a dynamic environment it is highly recommended to use the monthly settings.

Drawdowns can and will occur, so it is important to not push small accounts to their limits. As a rule of thumb, you should have $10,000 per lot per symbol for the monthly settings ($1000 for 0.1 lot).


  • Lots (0 = Autolot) - lot size, enter 0 for automatically calculated lot sizes
  • Account Balance per 1 Lot (for Autolot) - factor for lot calculation from which the calculated lot size will be scaled down or up
  • No new Trades after Day of Month (0 = Disabled) - do not open new positions after a specific day of the month (but still manage open ones)
  • Trade only with positive Swap - only perform trades that go in the direction of a positive swap (this might not be possible depending on symbol and broker)
  • Check MA Slopes - consider moving average slopes as a trading signal
  • Check Average MA Slope - consider the average slope of the moving average as a trading signal
  • Check MA Cross - consider a crossing of the market price with the moving average as a trading signal
  • Check RSI - confirm trades with RSI
  • Check ADX - confirm trades with ADX
  • MA Period - moving average period to be used for trading signals
  • RSI Period - period for the RSI indicator
  • ADX Period - period for the ADX indicator
  • Length of MA Slopes (>1) - number of bars used to calculate a moving average slope (must be more than 1)
  • Number of MA Slopes - number of moving average slopes that should be used to determine a trading signal (only relevant if "Check MA Slopes" is activated)
  • Number of MA Slopes for Average - number of moving average slopes that should averaged to determine a trading signal (only relevant if "Check Average MA Slope" is activated)
  • Min Profit in Currency - minimum profit at which positions should be closed
  • Close Trades when Trend reverses - close position when the opposite signal is generated regardless of profit
  • Use Trailing Stoploss - move the stoploss closer to the trade when it goes in a profitable direction (will be checked every bar and is thus dependent on the timeframe)
  • Stoploss in Points (0 = disabled) - points difference to the opening price used for stoploss calculation, enter 0 if you do not want to use a stoploss
  • Takeprofit in Points (0 = disabled) - points difference to the opening price used for takeprofit calculation, enter 0 if you do not want to use a stoploss
  • Magic Number - unique identifier used to attribute orders to the expert advisor and manage open positions
  • Order Comment - comment to be added to all orders opened by this expert

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