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Harpia FX for MT4

TimeFrame: M1.

MONITORING: https://www.mql5.com/pt/signals/594788

HARPIA FX is an Expert Advisor based on Price Velocity and Market Behaviors.

Linked to strategy, it has a Drowndown control system, so the loss curve can be easily controlled.

Simply set the Spread, Percentage of Risk and Percentage of Losses. All other settings in the Order Settings By Points section can be adjusted according to your wishes and experience. 


  • Magic Number: ID that should be changed if you want to install Expert Advisor on different graphics, without interfering with each other and behaving like a single Expert Advisor.
  • Max Spread:  7 by default. Larger spreads are not recommended because of the strategy.
  • Fixed Lot: if you want the EA open a fixed lot, turn it to true.
  • Fixed Lot Size: if true, you can put the lot size that you wish the EA open.
    • Risk Percent: The percentage of the balance that you accept to expose. Take the following formula into consideration before changing this number:

      • Lot Size = ((Free Balance of Account * RiskPercent) / 100) / StopLoss;
      • By default it is set to open   0.01 Lot for every 100.00 of Balance.
    • Loss Percent: Loss of the account per day. It can be changed according to how much you accept to risk per day.
    • Max Positions: You can put how many trades in the same time you want to.
    • Turbo Mode: Turn True if you want open more trades by day.
      • StopLoss: Stop Loss distance, in points. You can choose Virtual Stop Loss too, to protect your trades.
      • StopLossTrailing: Distance between prices and Stop Loss, when profit is positive, it will trailling with prices. 5 is most recommended.
      • ProfitForStartTrailing: Profit in points before begin trailing stop run.  2 is most recommended.

      Important information:

      • Top Pairs: All forex pairs that work with low Spreads: EURUSD and USDJPY are the best performers.
      • Spread: up to 7.
      • TimeFrame: M1 to M15. M1 is most recommended.
      • VPS recommended.
      • Broker with NO COMISSIONS! Ex.: ActivTrades

      Success and Good Investments!

      Aravind 2019.06.05 17:17 

      Looks good on test result, but in reality profit gained is wiped out with losing trades due to news.

      uchimi 2019.05.31 08:43   

      Very BAD !!!

      You lose All money !!!

      Version 1.22 2019.08.19
      Recovery Mode Settings Changes

      Profit Factor Before Close: Now it is a multiply factor, i.e., how many times you want the EA wins above to the "RecoveryPoints" before close the locked positions.
      Version 1.20 2019.08.08
      StopLoss Managed by Recovery Mode Settings:

      - If loss of position of "Recovery Points" target its value, it will open an opposite position, locking it (Hedge)
      - When the EA target the "Earn Points Before Closing" value (this is more than the Points for Recovery value), it will close the blocked position pairs.
      - If there is the value of positions "Limit Locked Positions to Close" on the Trade tab, without the EA had compensating with winning points before closing, it will close all locked positions to protect the account against possible out of control losses.

      Second strategy added to the engine:
      - Velocity of Tick

      Trailing Stop improved for fast performance.
      Version 1.12 2019.07.30
      Engine changed to improve the Profit Factor and winning trades.
      Version 1.11 2019.06.27
      Enhanced to prevent winning orders from closing with -1 or more negative points by hitting Trailing Stop

      Default Parameter "Profit For Start Trailing" changed to 2 to help positions close on positive
      Version 1.10 2019.06.23
      Measures to prevent manipulation:

      Virtual StopLoss : it will send to broker if you choose true, else it will not send, but will monitored inner by EA;
      Orders with no Comments;

      New Implementations:

      Fixed Lot: you can choose true or false;
      Max Positions: you can choose how many orders you will allow to open in the same time.

      Entry Criterious was improved.