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Analyzer candlestick patterns mt4

This is an analyzer of candlestick patterns. The indicator works both as an analyzer and as an indicator of the candlestick patterns marked by a rectangle. This indicator is useful for those who like searching for new patterns and using new combinations. You can analyze different combinations of candlesticks. The indicator has the buttons for switching between the patterns. It also displays the number of points from the Open price of the next candlestick after the pattern up to the Close price of the bar specified in the settings on the chart.


Section 1:

  • English - selecting the language. true - English / false - Russian.

Section 2:

  • Bars_Limit_AC - limitation by bars.
  • X_distance_AC - horizontal distance of the panel.
  • Y_distance_AC - vertical distance of the panel.
  • ArrowCode_AC - arrow code (https://www.mql5.com/en/docs/constants/objectconstants/wingdings).
  • ArrowWidth_AC - arrow width.
  • Show_Bars_calculations_AC - display calculations.
  • Button_color_AC - unpressed button color.
  • Button_color_pressed_AC - pressed button color.
  • Border_color_AC - button body color.
  • Button_Text_color_AC - button text color.
  • Chart_Text_color_AC - chart text color.
  • Emblem - indicator logo.

Section 3:

  • use_Sound - sound notification when a new signal appears.
  • Music_name - sound file name.
  • Use_Alert - notification window.
  • Use_Mail - email notification when a new signal appears.
  • Use_Mobile - a message is sent to the mobile terminal when a new signal appears.

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