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Pattern Expert is a trading robot that trades on 14 known patterns such as:

One-candlestick patterns:

  • Hammer (bullish pattern).
  • Hanging Man (bearish pattern).
  • Inverted hammer (bullish pattern).

Two-candlestick patterns:

  • Shooting Star (bearish pattern).
  • Engulfing (bullish pattern).
  • Engulfing (bearish pattern).
  • Harami Cross (bullish pattern).
  • Harami Cross (bearish pattern).
  • Harami (bullish pattern).
  • Harami (bearish pattern).
  • Doji Star (bullish pattern).
  • Doji Star (bearish pattern).
  • Piercing (bullish pattern).
  • Dark Cloud Cover (bearish pattern).

— Works on both 4 and 5 digits brokers.

— The EA does not use martingale, grid or arbitrage.


  • EA Comment — comments.
  • Buy pattern type (0-disabled) — Selected pattern to open buy-order.
  • Sell pattern type (0-disabled) — Selected pattern to open sell-order.
  • Long candle type coef — Set up a long candle.
  • Short candle type coef — Set up a short candle.
  • Doji candle type coef — Set up a doji candle.
  • Marubozu candle type coef — Set up a Marubozu candle.
  • Spin candle type coef — Set up a Spin candle.
  • Hammer1 candle type coef — Set up-1 a Hummer candle.
  • Hammer2 candle type coef — Set up-2 a Hummer candle.
  • Trend period — The number of candles to determine the trend (needed to find patterns).
  • Magic number — EA's magic number. For working with its own orders only.
  • Lot — base lot for opening new orders.
  • Stop Loss(points) — stop loss in points of the current instrument.
  • Take Profit(points) — take profit in points of the current instrument.
  • Slippage(points) — maximum price deviation in points of the instrument.
  • Use Trailing Stop — whether to use trailing.
  • Trailing Stop — trailing start level (distance from the current price).
  • Trailing Step — trailing step.
  • Timeframe for the calculation — the working timeframe of the Expert Advisor.

More details about the coefficients of patterns can be found in the articles:

Analyzing candlestick patterns

Studying candlestick analysis techniques (part I): Checking existing patterns
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