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FX Morning Gap

Japan Morning time , Price Gap are caused and closed ,With Daily Power filter and Trade Trailing function "FX Morning Gap " is made.

  1. GBPUSD H1 Recommeded.
  2. ECN Commission included
  3. Gap Area are divided to Range, Sell and Buy, For them Different parameters are settable.
  4. Min 25USD, 1000USD recommended for effective profits.
  5. News Filter included      Please add at  MT4 Tools/Options/ExpertAdvisors   URL:   http://ec.forexprostools.com/


   If you want to use JPY accounts, Please multiplied by 110 to  Amount for Initial Lots like 10*110= 1100

                                                                                               Risk % for initial Lots like  5.0%/110=0.045

   If you want to change the  Take Profits , Change the  Target Profits Rate par Gap 0.6 to 0.7

   if you want to change to trade open , close time , change the Open hour and close hour like  1 to 0 , 10 to 9

  •  Order_Comment  FX Morning Gap   ...Orders comments
  •  Magic Number ... Magic Numbers for recognized same pairs at one accounts.
  •  Initial Setting
    • Fix Initial Lot, if not Zero : if you set 0.01, Anytimes Lots=0.01
    • Initial Lots : initial lots for Amounts
    • Power_Min_Range(Pips) : Entry Power Range(Pips)
    • Entry Min Gap(Pips) : Minimum Gaps for Entry(Pips)
    • Entry Max Gap(Pips) :   Maximum Gaps for Entry(Pips)
    • Max Spread(Pips) : Maximum Spread for Entry(Pips)
    • ECN Commission(Pips): if ECN Accounts , please set  ECN Commission(pips)
    • Trailing Ture/False: Trailing Function used or not
  •  Range Setting
    •  Trading TRUE/FALSE for Range Area : Trading or not for Range Area
    •  Risk (%) , if not Zero 
    •  Amounts par Initial Lots 
    •  Target Profits Rate par Gap 
    •  Trailing Distance(Pips) 
    •  Stop Loss(Pips)
    •  Power Range High(%) :Power High Level(%) for Entry Range Area
    •  Power Range Low(%) :Power  Low Level(%) for Entry Range Area
  •  Buy Setting
    •  Trading TRUE/FALSE for Buy Area :Trading or not for Buy Area
    •  Risk (%) , if not Zero
    •  Amounts par Initial Lots
    •  Target Profits Rate 
    •  Trailing Distance(Pips)
    •  Stop Loss(Pips) 
    •  Power Buy Level High(%): Power High Level(%) for Buy Area
    •  Power Buy Level Low(%): Power Low Level(%) for Buy Area
  •  Sell Setting
    •  Trading TRUE/FALSE for Sell Area:Trading or not Sell Area
    •  Risk (%) , if not Zero
    •  Sell Area Amounts par Initial Lots
    •  Target Profits Rate
    •  Trailing Distance(Pips)
    •  Stop Loss(Pips) 
    •  Power Sell Level High(%):Power High Level(%) for Sell Area
    •  Power Sell Level Low(%):Power Low Level(%) for Sell Area
  • Recovery Averaging Setting 
    • Recovery Average Process: Recovery Average Process Or not
    • Min Profits(Pips): Min Profits in Recovery Process
    • Max Orders: Recovery Max Orders
    • Recovery  Distance(Pips) : Recovery Min Distance(Pips)
  • Trading Period Setting
    • Open hour1: Trading ENABLE  hours 1
    • Close hour1: Trading DISABLE hours 1
    • Open hour2: Trading ENABLE  hours 2
    • Close hour2: Trading DISABLE hours 2
    • CLOSE_MODE : Orders Auto Close by NONE , TIME , TIME or DD 
    • Time Close hour: Orders close hours in case TIME 
    • DD level(%):Orders close in this DD level
  •  News Filter Setting
    • Trade Disable  after News(Min)
    • Trade Disable  before News(Min)
    •  Enable Light News
    •  Enable Medium News
    •  Enable Hard News
    •  Your Time Zone, GMT (for news)
    • Currency to display the news (empty - only the current currencies) 
    • Draw lines on the chart
    • Draw only the future of news line
    • Signals on the upcoming news
    • Color Important News
    • Color Medium News
    • Color Light News
    • Line Style

if you have question please contact me by comments or private one.


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