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Money Monster DB

FX Money Monster Pro



Candle BY Candle, Move By Move, UP, and Down we have price changes... so?

Here you are. Great Monster BY FXnode Group

Money monster finds a pattern to determine the market trend and take orders with RANDOM DECISION FOREST method.

HOW? The market movement has up and down. so we have Statistical zigzag market movement.

we collect all this zigzag amount as a pattern. so in the future market, we have zigzag price movement that this ea compare it with built-in pattern database.

Money Monster is a self-learning that learned with Random Forest algorithm and using Tree Decision module to open an order.

See the result!! Test it in the backtest, With Big Spread. Yeah! with the high spread, this ea work well. Because this ea is an intelligent robot that trained by the last 3 years of market movement

for backtesting, to increase the test speed, please turn off the all graphic panel in the input parameter.

EA prominence

  1. no grid or hedge.
  2. Built-in News Filter To escape from unwanted market movement
  3. Use Built-in FX Smart Trend if you want to reduce risk.
  4. Neural network learned EA
  5. Auto Order Volum(lot) management. managed by account Balance
  6. Smart Trailing Function
  7. Spread protection
  8. Slippage protection
  9. We have no set file, JUST run ea with the default setting
  10. You can use any account type, standard, ecn ...


  1. EA work with minimum Deposit of 250$
  2. Just Run the ea on EURUSD and ea trade on three pairs AUDUSD/EURUSD/GBPUSD
  3. H1 Timeframe
  4. Use fast VPS

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