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Black Gold

The work of a trade expert is based on the idea of ​​"History always repeats itself." Analyzes the price movement over the past 30 days up to the current moment. No indicators are used. The work of the adviser is fixed to GMT time ( carefully read the description of the variable "UTC" ). To protect the account from trading during the expansion of the spread, the MaxSpread parameter has been added, in which you specify the maximum allowable spread for trading. Deals are closed at the beginning of the trend reversal.

Recommended Settings

Symbol: Brn;

Timeframe: H1;

Risk: Medium;

Minimum deposit: $ 1000;

External Variables

  • Lots - the volume of a fixed lot;
  • LotSizePlus - volume increase for the next lot;
  • MoneyManagement - lot size, which depends on the size of the deposit and the risk level set by the trader;
  • Risk - the level of acceptable risk;
  • Magic - a unique number of orders;
  • Step - the minimum difference in the price of orders in the grid;
  • Slippage —slip;
  • UTC - your time zone;
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread for opening orders;
  • vlm - minimum body size analyzed bar(D1);
  • vlmH1 - minimum body size analyzed bar(H1);
  • UTC - your hourly search (only needed for the tester). In real trading use the value - "0".
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Version 1.4 2019.05.27
Изменена функция закрытия ордеров, что привело к увеличению прибыли и уменьшению просадки.