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Aliev FX Volumes

AlievFXVolumes is an enhanced version of standard Volumes indicator, which simplifies working with trading volumes and VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) methods. The indicator features include:

  • Displaying tick volumes on Forex market. 
  • Showing volumes in more convenient way.
  • Demonstrating the total daily volume.  
  • Highlighting the appropriate volume bars in case more than three candles in a row are of the same color.
  • Displaying how many candles closed in BUY and in SELL.

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Tim Eubanks
2018.03.15 17:10 

Very weak Volume analysis.

2017.05.19 04:07 

What do these colors represent?

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 07:30 

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joshua Rupp
2016.03.10 22:46 

This is very useful as a tool for VSA. It will help you to see whether buyers or sellers are in control. For a free tool it doesnt get any better than this one. It needs to be used in context with your system

2015.10.11 16:14 

useless indicator when the candles movement showed is to the end

I see him alone that last four candles are bear or bull very scam !!!

2015.01.10 23:47 

I like it. Thanks !

Vadim Strelkov
2014.05.05 14:05 

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