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BigPips Trend Vision Indicator MT4



BigPips Trades Trend Vision Indicator is a Multi Timeframe and Multi Asset Class Trend Indicator for Forex, Index, Stock, CFDs, Metal, Energies, Commodities Futures, Crypto/Bitcoin. Allows traders to see early start and end of Trends and the direction of the market using RVI and Stochastic Oscillator, EMA200 and EMA fast and slow moving Average indicators.


3 Ways to use the BigPips Trend Vision Indicator


  • This indicator may be integrated as part of a Strategy EA.
  • Used to help Traders understand the Trend and direction as part of a Multiple Timeframe analysis.
  • Gives Traders early indication of start or end of Trend. As can be seen in the DAX screenshot the Pro version of the indicator confirms the trend much earlier.

Best way to use

  • Best way to use the BigPips Trend Vision Indicator is to observe the trend direction in Various Timeframes. 
  • Then the Pattern in the market becomes much clearer. 
  • The accuracy of the trend direction arrows may be evident in some time frames and not others.
  • Inaccurate Arrows are usually an indication that the input parameters may need to be adjusted for a certain asset class.


Risk Mitigation or Reduction

  • The indicator arrows show potential trade opportunities but is not intended to be used to take every single trades. 
  • This is not a complete Trading system and not every signal should be traded.
  • Last but not least Traders must observe when the indicators arrows are showing trading opportunity against the trend.
  • This is usually an indication that a change in Trend direction is imminent as we can see in some of the screenshots.

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