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This indicator can show you all large and small trends on all time frames in a single window.

You can choose which time frame to display (for example: you add it 3 times on the chart , first on TF=15; second on TF=30; and third on TF=60. So, you can see trends in 3 windows corresponding to the 3 time frames you have chosen).

Red strip indicates a downtrend period (the first red point indicates the beginning of the downtrend).

Blue strip indicates an uptrend period (uptrend starts at the first blue point).

You can use this indicator to check what trends there are on higher and lower time frames and combine trend types on all time frames to make a decision for placing an order.

This indicator can be very useful for you.

If you have any questions, please contact me:

  • skype: cuongph149
  • mail: hungcuongkhmt51@gmail.com
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