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DFP Reconnoiter Economy

The DFP Reconnoiter Economy technical indicator specially designs for the most popular Daily Fibonacci Pivot Strategy traders. The strategy uses standard Fibonacci retracements in confluence with the daily Pivot levels, Candlestick patterns,  ATR and ADR levels in order to get good entries by identifying reversal areas and exit areas. Most preferred parameters are the 38.2%, 50.0% or 61.8 Fibonacci retracement levels in confluence with the daily central pivot.


  • Average True Range for the last five day period has been exceeded, in the previous day’s trading session
  • Draw Fibonacci levels
    • From the previous days low to high, if price is currently above the current day’s central pivot
    • From the previous day’s high to low, if price is currently below the current day’s central pivot
  • Look for a confluence of Fibonacci retracement levels with the daily central pivot
  • If price retraces to the confluence identified, either enter at market or wait for a confirmatory candle signal or currency strength changed to occur at the confluence before entry.


  • Most popular 5 indicators (Pivot, Fibonacci, ADR, ATR, MA) included
  • Reversal Candlestick Pattern Scanner, Currency Meter and Candle Power Extractor included to get more accurate signals
  • Indicator data show in an additional Data panel
  • Suitable for every symbol
  • Draw signals quickly
  • Each indicator quickly Activate/ Deactivate function


  • Alert Filters
    • Common Filters
      • Alert Reset By - The time period for notify the same level alert again
      • Hi-Lo Margin - Margin level from day high and low for analyze candlestick patterns
  • Graphic Parameters - Fully visual customization facility available for each indicator graphic object (Line color, Line style, Line width, Font, Font size etc... ). Please kindly read the product Comments for complete list of graphic parameters 
    • Fibonacci Visual Customization
    • Pivot Visual Customization
    • ADR Visual Customization
    • ATR Visual Customization
    • Fast MA Visual Customization
    • Slow MA Visual Customization
    • Volume Visual Customization
    • Control Panel Visual Customization
    • Arrow Visual Customization

Note: This Indicator completely based on the Daily Fibonacci Pivot Strategy and that strategy introduced by experienced traders.

DFP Reconnoiter Economy is a one product of the DFP Reconnoiter indicator series.

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