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This trend entry point indicator is based on the algorithm analyzing the price behavior. There are two modes: one of them ensures that the indicator operation results are passed to the neural network input for subsequent analysis and signal generation. The second mode is meant for manual work. The modes are switched in the indicator using the ForNeural field. It can be used with any price chart, any timeframe and any symbol.

Configuring the indicator

The higher the Period, the longer trend is used to display the indicator. The indicator has two independent signal sets. In the parameter names, the ones containing "A" symbol in the end are related to the first set (OnASkewnessAMinPointA). The ones ending with "B" are related to the second set (OnBSkewnessBMinPointB). OnA / B - enable the corresponding indicator data set. SkewnessA / B - react to a price "skewness" in one direction. MinPointA / B - react only when the price difference is not lower than set here. Changing this parameters allows you to achieve very good results. The indicator provides data in a visual form. Do not forget that the approach to trading should be comprehensive. Additional information is required for entering the market.


  • Period - indicator period.
  • ForNeural - enable/disable operation mode - manual or data vectors for the neural network.
  • OnA - enable the first set of the indicator data.
  • SkewnessA - "skewness" parameter of the price movement in one direction.
  • MinPointA - minimum price distance in points.
  • OnB - enable the second set of the indicator data.
  • SkewnessB - "skewness" parameter of the price movement in one direction.
  • MinPointB - minimum price distance in points.
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