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Indicator Dashboard Scanner

  • * Compatible with MCX, NSE, Futures, Forex.

  • * No need to monitor individual script.

  • * Sound Alert and Popup on new signal.

  • * Change Number of previous candles to signal to be generated.

  • * Single Click To See Live Chart From Defined Templates 

  • * Custom List of Script Can be Made
    *Parameters of Each Indicator can be changed for Scanning

* Scan based on multiple indicators like:

  •        - Moving Average Crossover (All Types of MA)
  •        - RSI 
  •         - Parabolic SAR
  •        - Stochastic
  •        - MACD 
  •       - Super Trend


* Only Tradeable/visible symbols: True = Yes, False = No, This will scan the symbols/pairs which are only in market watch

* Scripts: Predefine Pairs and Symbols 

* Txt File Name custom symb: Put the name of Text File in which you can put custom scripts or pairs

* Scan Based On: Scan based on Indicator you want
* Candle Candles Back: Number of candles to get after your Strategy Trigger    

* All Scannable Indicator Inputs to Change as per Your Requirements 

* Click to open chart: True=Yes, False= No, One click to open chart from a scanner.

* Alert Message, Push Notification, Email Notification, Pop Up Alert.

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