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Draw Levels

Do you trade Supply and Demand like Sam Seiden? Have you used automatic means such as indicators to try and find the zones and draw them for you?

They don't work too well, so you need to use the horizontal lines and draw them yourself. That's time consuming.

This tool is what you need. You drag the script onto the chart and it draws the level. Drop it at the top of the level and it draws lines from where you dropped it, all the way to the right side of the chart. It even colours the lines for your, red for supply and green for demand. If you look close at the screen shot, you can see the lines is labeled. This tells you the time frame where you found the level.

Between the lines is filled with a transparent colour.

As time goes by, the fill colour will not adjust, but there is a solution. You might also adjust the level on your own and find the fill colour does not follow the line adjustment. Just drop the script onto the chart.

The message will ask you...

Do you want to draw a level? If you select YES it will draw the level and fix the other levels. If you select NO it will only fix the existing levels.

The price is right!

2014.07.09 06:03 

Very good! Really simplifies drawing SD levels.

Version 1.2 - 2016.12.01
The internal method used to draw the zone has been improved. Drop the script on the most recent bar in the zone.
When you drop the script on the chart the only question dialogue opens, previously the input screen opened first.
The question dialogue has a more clear description now. It still operates the same (if you manually adjust the level and need the rectangle moved to match the lines, drop the script on the chart and select "No" - it will clean up the rectangles.
Note that if price is right where you are drawing the level, drop the script either on top or below the bid the make sure the correct colour is drawn
Version 1.1 - 2015.02.09
Fill colour between the zone line added
Script adjusted the fill to match the zone after it is adjusted by the user
Added pop up message to ask if you want to draw a new level or just fix the existing levels (move the fill colour to the lines)