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Neuro Matrix

********* Upgrade in strategy of this robot - Install VERSION 1.11 from here ********

Neuro Matrix is an trading Robot (self optimize) that trades very effective with decision tree strategy through moving average. 

We have 3 neurons that learn tick by tick and adjust the decision based on best fit moving average model.
Support vector matrix (Svm) is used to build exit network for determining take-profit and stop-loss. 
We have used Martingale strategy for determining lot size for every trade.

Trade 1 - Probability 60% win - lost
Trade 2 - Probability 80% win - lost
Trade 3 - Probability 95% win - lost
Trade 4 - Probability 99% win - win

Probability % is calculated with Fibonacci ratios through AI Ma period parameter inside our robot.

Recommended timeframe:

 M15,M30,H1,H4 timeframe is good

Trading Tips:

*Use in low spread or fixed commission Brokers mt4 platform

*choose correct lot size depends on money management you follow.

Vladislav Golovin
Vladislav Golovin 2019.01.11 15:54 

doesn't work on real account

Version 1.11 2018.12.19
#Major upgrade on strategy for better performance
#Input parameters are removed