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Snatch OUT

Good old strategy: measure the price range at a certain time, place pending orders at the edges and wait for a breakdown. In the classical interpretation, this strategy will at best work to 0, but I managed to bring it to the profitable zone with the help of some tools and original details. And this is not what you would think: 

No martingale, grid or arbitrage. 

Trades always use stop loss.

I do not promise the mountains of gold, which in testers issue top advisors according to mql5.com. Moreover, several consecutive months can be closed in a minus (since 2012, the maximum has been 4 months in a row)but in the long run, mathematics is on your side. Open a PAMM-account and earn money, create a signal and earn money - the robot will become your reliable friend in any market situation. 

Currently, the strategy is configured for EUR/USD, M30 time frame, Alpari broker, GMT+2, five-digit quotes. Seth is here in the "Comments" section.

2. EUR/JPY, M30 time frame, Alpari broker, GMT+2. Seth is here in the "Comments" section.

For other currency pairs, individual settings are needed. 

If you need help installing an advisor or VPS - contact me, I will help.



  • Bars - the number of bars for analysis
  • Min range -  the minimum allowed size of the range in points
  • Max range - the maximum allowed size of the range in points
  • Off\on narrow search - enable/disable search for the specified range "Min range" and "Max range" on a different number of bars.
  • Bars of narrow search - the number of bars for secondary analysis


  • Time, hours - hour for placing pending orders
  • Time, minute - minute of placing pending orders
  • TakeProfit - in points
  • StopLoss - in points
  • Indent from edge - Pending order indent from the edges of the range
  • Delete oppisite order - if true, when one of the pending orders is triggered, the opposite order will be deleted, if false, then there will be no deletion.


  • Selection MM  - choice between static and dynamic lot
  • Fixed - static lot size
  • Dynamic,percent of risk, % - dynamic lot, calculated based on the size of the deposit and the specified stop loss


  • Off\on - enable / disable trailing stop, true\false
  • Min Profit - minimum profit in points at which a trailing stop is triggered
  • Level BE - the level of profit in points, where the stop loss is transferred at the first operation
  • Step - step trailing stop in points


  • Slippage - slippage
  • Magic - advisor's individual number

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Version 1.5 2019.01.25
- added error handler
- modified trailing stop
Version 1.4 2018.12.25
- the trailing stop has been completely redesigned;
- Added the ability to double search range.
Version 1.3 2018.12.19
New version
Version 1.2 2018.12.11
Settings have become more flexible
Version 1.1 2018.12.06
Fixed some calculation inaccuracies.