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Sweep Pulse

A simple and reliable robot that automatically trades for you.

The trading strategy is based on the fact that price impulses continue in the form of inertia, and sometimes form new trends. The purpose of this robot is to track the "bursts" of prices and make money on them.

There are few transactions a year, but 80% of them are of high quality.

No martingale, grid or arbitrage. 

Currently, the strategy is configured for EUR\USD. Seth is here in the "Comments" section.

For other currency pairs, individual settings are needed. 

If you need help installing an advisor or VPS - contact me, I will help.



  • Candlestick timeframe - timeframe on which candles are measured
  • Min size body - minimal candle body size in points
  • Max size body - maximal candle body size in points


  • TakeProfit - in points
  • StopLoss - in points
  • Inverted signal - open trades contrary to momentum


  • Lot - fix lot
  • Slippage - slip
  • Magic - advisor's individual number

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