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TModel Free

This indicator is a simplified version of TiModel Predict.

The TModel indicator has been developed to predict future market trends. It is designed primarily for intraday trading (М1,М5) but can work on any time frame.

The indicator does not redraw the history or the value on the zero bar. This important property allows you to use it when developing various strategies.

Due to normalizing methods employed, the indicator is capable of working on all markets and instruments.

Operation Principle

Quotes are used to form models with different dynamic characteristics. They are displayed in the chart as broken lines. Dynamics of the models can be modified by varying the threshold value in the settings. Several trend lines are plotted to increase the efficiency of trading decisions. Since the market is constantly changing, the performance of some models might get worse or better as the time goes by. So a trader should choose the most suitable model for a given situation and perform an analysis.


You choose a model. When a new ray is forming, the trader has to analyze some of the previous break points and decide on the direction of the next ray. The analysis can also be made to cover the other 2 models (group analysis) and multicurrency support (ability to perform the analysis for multiple instruments at the same time).

I would like to make an important point: there is no indicator that can provide a prediction. Unless it has an analyzing block, it can only reflect the current market situation. Prediction is the responsibility of the trader and is based on the indicator chart and trader's experience.

The main purpose of this indicator is to help trader get an insight into the market and provide the basis for the analysis and decision-making. The indicator filters the price chart and narrows down the prediction problem to a clear and easy to understand form - prediction of the next ray (future market trend).

Basic Parameters

  • LengthSample, bars - the length of historical data in bars.
  • Threshold, pips - the pattern dynamics (threshold) in points.
  • Recommended Threshold, pips. This parameter is dynamic, it varies and depends on the symbol and the history length.


  • The horizontal line does not carry any information. It is drawn for the sake of convenience, to keep the last break point in sight.
  • The indicator exports TModel.csv file with the last three break points of all models.
  • The optimal length for intraday trading is 500-1500 bars.
  • The threshold value has an impact on the number of break points. The smaller the threshold, the more often the indicator will draw lines, and vice versa.
Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 17:03 

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Version 3.0 - 2014.05.28
Added check of whether a chart has enough bars
Fixed names of input parameters