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Universal EA

This is a universal constructor Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 5.

The Constructor EA is provided with a large set of functions.

This Expert Advisor is a demo version of The X for Mt5 Expert Advisor which can run on a demo account and on a real account on USDJPY with the minimum lot.

It is a versatile trading system with custom functions and more than 15 signals for opening positions and placing pending orders.

You can select one of 15 signals to open a position and 5 of 17 filters to sort out the signals of the standard indicators included in the MetaTrader package.

Besides, you can adjust the indicator parameters, select a timeframe and specify a signal bar for each signal.

The EA contains the following functions: counter-trend averaging, additional opening in the direction of a trend, trailing stop, breakeven, closing by total profit or loss, virtual stop losses, take profits and trailing stops, ability to use positions or pending/limit orders, martingale, trailing stop by Parabolic, drawdown limitation functions, trading by time and week days and many others.

Using our Expert Advisor, you have the ability to specify signals and filters, as well as enable the required functions.

You can download The X EA for the MetaTrader 5 terminal The X for MT5

You can also download The X EA for the MetaTrader 4 terminal The X for MT4

The complete manual and description of the EA settings (in Russian) can be found in our blog

Attention! It is a constructor of strategies with our set of functions, you should optimize the EA based on signals and enabled functions.

Development and support of the product: Vladislav Expforex.

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Available signals and filters

Note: The list of signals and indicators is constantly updated.

  1. Ma - Moving Average
  2. MACD - Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
  3. STOCH - Stochastic Oscillator
  4. RSI - RSI
  5. CCI - Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  6. WPR - Williams Percent Range (WPR)
  7. BB - Bollinger Bands
  8. Envelopes - Envelopes
  9. Alligator - Alligator
  10. OsMA - Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA)
  11. AO - Awesome Oscillator (AO)
  12. Ichimoku
  13. Accelerator/Decelerator (AС)
  14. Bar
  15. ADX
  16. ZIGZAG

Main parameters (all parameters are listed in the blog)

Trading strategy

  • IndSigToTrade - selection of signal type;
  • TF_IndSigToTrade1 - selection of timeframe for the signal;
  • Signal_Reverse - reversing the main indicator signal;
  • ClosePositionifChangeOWNSignal - closing opposite positions when the main signal changes;
  • OWNSIGNAL_shift - bar a signal is taken from: 0 - from the current one, 1 - from the first closed one, 2 - from the second closed one.....;
  • FILTER_IndSigToTrade2 - FILTER_IndSigToTrade6 - selection of signal type for filtration (five filters can be used simultaneously);


  • OpenBarControlOnly - only open positions at bar opening (emulation of operation mode "Open bars only");
  • TypeTradeBUYSELL - selection of position types to be opened (BUYSELL, OnlyBuy, OnlySell);
  • ReverseSignal - true - reverse a strategy signal;
  • ONlyOnePosbySignal - opening only one position: either BUY and / or SELL;
  • OnePosPerDirection - allow having one position per direction (BUY SELL);
  • OnlyOnePositionPerMagic - opening only one position by magic number (on the entire account);
  • OnlyAlternateSignals - alternate position types: BUY SELL BUY SELL;
  • MAX_BUY_POSITION -MAX_SELL_POSITION - the maximum number of BUY SELL positions;
  • ClosePosifChange - close positions when an opposite signal emerges;
  • MaxSpreadToNotTrade - MinSpreadToNotTrade - min/max allowed spread for the EA operation;

MAIN TRADING FUNCTIONS using pending orders

  • StopOrderUSE - Use pending orders or limit orders, false = open positions;
  • StopOrderDeltaifUSE - distance for pending orders;


  • VirtualStops,StopLoss,TakeProfit;

Auto lot and martingale

  • Lots - fixed lot;
  • DynamicLot - dynamic lot;
  • LotBalancePercent - risk % of deposit for the dynamic lot;
  • Martin - martingale ratio for a trade following a losing one, not used of set to 1;


  • AverageUse - use averaging, opening additional orders against a trend;
  • TakeProfitALL - total take profit of all positions when opening averaging positions;
  • Distance - the distance between orders in the grid;
  • LotsMartin - increase lot for a positions grid;
  • MaxOrdersOpen - the maximum number of opened orders, 0 - unlimited.

Adding to a position following the trend

  • AdditionalOpening - open additional orders in trend direction;
  • StopLossALL - total take profit of all positions when opening averaging positions;
  • DistanceAdditionalOpening - distance of opened grid positions for adding to positions in the direction of a trend;
  • LotsMartinAdditionalOpening - increase lot for a positions grid;
  • MaxOrdersOpenAdditionalOpening - the maximum number of orders in the grid, 0 - unlimited;

Operation time

  • TradeStartStopbyTime- = true, false. If set to true:
  • SeveralTimeWork - trading time in the following format: Trading Start Hour:Trading Start Minute - Trading End Hour:Trading End Minute;
  • CloseAllTradesByOutOfTime - close positions after the end of the trading time;
  • TradeByDays - Days - (choose trading days) separated by commas;
  • CloseFriday - true, false (if true, close regardless of the state (profit or loss); if false - positions will be closed according to the EA's algorithm);


  • Breakeven

Find the remaining parameters in our article: The complete manual and description of The X EA settings (in Russian)

guimf 2018.06.11 18:39   

Hello, a time ago I bought Universal EA Full Function.

Now I would like to know if is it possible include "Martingale/average" system.

For example:

Distance Average

Distance Average Coef

Lots Coef

Maximum Lots (Opened Positions).

Mauro Giuseppe Tondo
Mauro Giuseppe Tondo 2018.06.05 23:59 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Nikolay Gaylis
Nikolay Gaylis 2018.04.20 12:22 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Daniel Andrejczuk
Daniel Andrejczuk 2017.11.09 23:44 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.12 13:19 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.07.20 11:51 

I just used it 2 weeks, good results

whinero 2017.02.13 12:43 

Панелька красивая, за нее 4+ балла, но торговая стратегия мартина(ИМХО) да еще с сотней(!) статических параметров - полная чушь, 1 балл.

Выставляем стопы, добавляем проскальзывание и получаем сливатора. А если нет стопов, то рано или поздно, может через день, а может через год - 100% слив депо.

Красивая лесенка - развод для новичков.

Vladislav Andruschenko
Vladislav Andruschenko 2017.02.12 12:16 

Данный эксперт - универсальный робот. Вы можете настроить его по своему. Никто не заставляет использовать мартингейл или еще что. Все В Ваших руках.

Роман Ефимов
Роман Ефимов 2016.06.30 20:27   

не работает за целый день не открыл ни одной сделки!

Alexander 2016.06.12 17:14 

Сова нравится. Вопрос: в бесплатной версии не работает функция ограничения кол-ва ордеров? И где подробные настройки?

Nork 2016.03.21 03:48 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2015.12.09 06:28 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Megatrader777 2015.01.31 18:05 

Все работает все нравится. Отличная работа. Только сделайте такой же под МТ4. И будет вообще круто

n71645 2014.09.11 14:03 

пять балов мне нравится!!!

vadoos 2014.05.15 08:38 

интересная задумка

Malken 2014.04.30 09:11 

Good Ea

Reanimator2 2013.07.11 18:25 


Mamai 2013.05.12 10:12 

Суперский эксперт. ошибки 4302 у себя не нашел. Еще бы было бы прекрасно добавить сюда усреднение как в советнике тиковом у Вас на сайте. цены бы не было. И предлагаю добавить сюда другие стандартные индикаторы как сигналы для стратегий 12 - слишком мало.

ilea 2013.04.18 21:58 

Vladon, что же все таки делать с ошибкой 'Cannot load indicator MACD [4302]' и подобными ?

EnergieB 2013.04.11 00:16   

Testing EA on 5 digit broker. I get the message 'Cannot load indicator MACD [4302]' ...I get the message for all indicators. How do I resolve this ?

cherep 2013.02.27 05:35   


Уточните, пожалуйста, параметр IndSigToTrade позволяет устанавливать значения от 1 до 12. Но ведь индикаторов только 11. Что означает параметр 12?

Moran 2013.01.15 09:20   

Здравствуйте. Почему я не могу видеть SL и TP в открытом позиции? Означает ли это, что их нет? И я должен поставить их вручную? Тем не менее, я установил параметры внутри эксперт.

Maksim Korolyov
Maksim Korolyov 2013.01.07 18:19   

Интересный робот. Можете поделиться оптимальными настройками, если у кого есть. Непротив поставить его на реал, но тесты нестабильны.

Alexandr Barteniev
Alexandr Barteniev 2012.11.14 16:14   

Ребят спасибо за робота, собираюсь его поставить на депозит 50 000

Jenysan 2012.10.29 14:21   

Здравствуйте ! Очень нравиться ваш експерт . Главный плюс в том что всё в нём можна настроить в ручную . У меня к вам вопрос , на некоторых валютных парах експерт открывает позиции не по заданию например EURGBP S/L 30p , T/P 60 , а открывает S/L 90p , T/P 100. В чом может быть проблема ?

Version 18.8 - 2018.05.15
- Optimized the code.

- МТ5: When using the multicurrency mode (specifying multiple currency pairs in the EA):
When using the function of closing by the total profit and loss, the EA will count and close all positions of all currency pairs specified in the settings (PAIR1-PAIR12)

- Added the data to the information panel:
When using the "CloseALL when Profit or LOSS options" block, the panel will display the data on the current profit and loss, as well as the values of the total trailing, if enabled.

- When opening a position, the information on the signal is output to the log!

Attention!!!! The parameters have been renamed!
Update and check your *.set files
These are forced measures:
1. to make the setting files uniform for the two terminals.
2. to make the instruction the same for the two versions.
Sorry for inconvenience!

- МТ5 version:

- МТ4 version:
Version 18.7 - 2018.05.03
General improvements
Version 18.6 - 2018.04.20
Added new feature:
Use the original calculation of commission and swap when enabling the functions: Breakeven, Trailing Stop, Averaging.

The original commission calculation is based on the formula for calculating the value of 1 point from the open positions on a given symbol and magic number. Negative swap and commission are taken into account during calculations. The function returns the value of the negative swap and commission in points, and considers this when working with breakeven and trailing stop.

Note: if your broker has a floating spread, commission is calculated and set during the operation of the breakeven and trailing stop functions, but the spread may increase, leading to additional loss points. This is not a calculation error!
Also, note that when a swap occurs, the EA recalculates the breakeven line and sets new stop loss levels is the server allows it (restriction on the minimum Stop Level of your broker). If the server does not allow setting breakeven and returns the minimum stop level error, the EA will be unable to modify the position and additional loss points may be received.

In order to avoid losses when using accounts with commission and when receiving a negative swap, it is recommended to increase the distance of the breakeven or trailing stop.

The breakeven level (LevelWLoss) can be calculated manually, taking the commission into account.
For example: commission for opening and closing position = 2 USD (EURUSD) per 1 lot. So, in order to cover the loss on the commission, it is necessary to set LevelWLoss = 2 (points) + 1 (confirming) = 3 points.
Thus, the EA sets breakeven to +3 points, which in turn will cover the loss on the commission.

- Added a special mode to the breakeven function through the LevelWLoss parameter
When LevelWLoss = 0, the breakeven point is calculated based on the current spread. This allows making the breakeven level dynamic and closing with the minimum profit of 1 spread. If the position's profit increases, trailing stop comes into play.
(This mode worked in previous versions of the expert)
If LevelWLoss = 1, the EA will set breakeven to 1 point!

The VirtualSLTP function:
- When using OpenBarControlOnly, the virtual stop loss and take profit will be executed on each tick.
- Added the check of conditions for setting stop loss and tale profit to the function:
Stop loss for BUY orders can be placed only below the current price.
Take profit for BUY orders can be placed only above the current price.
Stop loss for SELL orders can be placed only above the current price.
Take profit for SELL orders can be placed only below the current price.

The CloseAllTradesByOutOfTime function:
Division into type of closing by expiration of trading time:
- Not Use = do not use the function
- Positions and Orders = close positions and pending orders
- Only Positions = close only positions
- Only Orders = close only pending orders

Added new signals:
19: Trading based on Average Directional Movement Index by Welles Wilder (available only in the MetaTrader 5 terminal)
The indicator signals are similar to signals from the ADX indicator;
20: Trading based on Money Flow Index
Money Flow Index (MFI) indicates the rate at which money is invested into a security and then withdrawn from it. Construction and interpretation of the indicator is similar to Relative Strength Index with the only difference that volume is important to MFI.
The indicator signals are similar to signals from the RSI indicator;
21: Trading based on Fractals
Signal for opening positions is generated when the level of the last fractal is crossed:
When the price crosses the last upper fractal upwards, a BUY position is opened;
When the price crosses the last lower fractal downwards, a SELL position is opened;
Filter: similar to the main signal:
If the price is higher than the last upper fractal, only BUY positions;
If the price is lower than the last lower fractal, only SELL positions;
Attention! A fractal can be drawn at least on the 2 closed bar and can be drawn in the past in an unlimited number of bars back. Consider this when analyzing the signal!
Version 18.4 - 2018.03.28
General code improvements
Added the ability to set stop loss and take profit for positions opened from the EAPADPRO control panel
Version 18.3 - 2018.03.14
- Updated EAPADPRO v2.0 info panel;
- Optimized the EA code;
- Increased the EA operation speed;
- Updated the averaging;
- Updated the commission calculation algorithm;
- ControlNewBarforSIGNAL: check for indicator signals at each new bar only (without checking on each tick), the parameter works only if OWNSIGNAL_shift>=1 and IndSigToTrade!=NoSignal (if NoSignal, the EA checks the filter values at each tick)
If ControlNewBarforSIGNAL=true, the optimization speed is increased 1.5 times.
- Added the ClosePosition_After_X_Minutes parameter: close position after a specified amount of minutes.
The EA also checks the enabled CloseChangeOnlyInProfit parameter: close only profitable positions.
- Added the OnTester_Custom_max variable to the Tester block allowing you to write your own genetic optimization criterion.
More on test results: https://www.mql5.com/en/docs/constants/environment_state/statistics
The entry is made as an equation. For example: OnTester_Custom_max="STAT_PROFIT*STAT_TRADES/STAT_EQUITY_DD"
The variable names should match the ones in the documentation!

- Added two types of virtual pending orders to order type selection (Positions, StopOrders, LimitOrders):
Use Virtual Stop Orders: set a virtual pending stop order at a distance of StopOrderDeltaifUSE points;
Use Virtual Limit Orders: set a virtual pending limit order at a distance of StopOrderDeltaifUSE points;
Note: It works only in Visualization mode or real chart only when the terminal is enabled.
It does not work in optimization mode!
Version 18.1 - 2017.12.29
Updated the ClosePosifChange parameter to allow using filters as signals.
Version 17.977 - 2017.12.15
Note: We placed some secondary EA parameters to the bottom of the internal variables list.

Added the new parameter ReInstallStopOrdersNewSignalAppears - re-set pending orders if a new indicator signal arrives. It allows removing the current BUYSTOP pending order and place a new BUYSTOP on a new level after indicators have informed of a new signal.

No Signal option has been added to the main signal.
If selected, the EA will ignore the main signal and will trade based on filters.
When using the main indicator, the signal is generated 'as is' on the current bar.
This means the open signal is regarded a signal completion. If a signal arrives, while the filter does not allow opening a position, then the signal is ignored.
When using No Signal, you can ignore the fact of the main signal completion and follow the filters.
When using the filters, the current position of indicators is regarded as a signal.

Added the OnlyAlternateSignals parameter
It allows opening positions one by one only.
If the last closed position is SELL, the next one can be only BUY!
It is needed to let the main indicator trade in No Signal mode.

Update of ADX Filter
ADX shows the trend strength.
If ADXLevel is 0, DI- > DI+ is used as a permission to sell
If ADXLevel is 0, DI+ > DI- is used as a permission to buy
If ADXLevel is not 0, DI- > DI+ и DI- > ADXLevel is used as a permission to sell
If ADXLevel is not 0, DI+ > DI- и DI+ > ADXLevel is used as a permission to buy

Added new ATR filter.
ATR shows the market volatility.
Trading strategies applying ATR as a filter confirm the current trend.
When ATR grows, this means high market volatility.
Low ATR values means low market volatility.
External settings:
ATR_period=14 - ATR calculation period
ATRprice=PRICE_CLOSE - price type used to calculate the filter (Close, Open, High, Low...)
ATR_MA_period=1 - number of candles for calculating the Middle line (MA), 1 - the indicator calculates the signal direction from the current and previous bar (depending on the 'shift' parameters)
ATR_MULTIPLIER=1 - ATR ratio, for example EURUSD ATR=0.0020, when using ATR_MULTIPLIER=2; calculation will include ATR=0.0040.
Filter ATR logic:
The price(ATRprice) of the current bar exceeds the price(ATRprice) of the previous bar + (ATR*ATR_MULTIPLIER) = high volatility BUY filter
The price(ATRprice) of the current bar is lower than the price(ATRprice) of the previous bar - (ATR*ATR_MULTIPLIER) = high volatility SELL filter
Version 17.956 - 2017.11.13
Updated on 27.10.2017
Added the StopOrderDayToExpiration parameter
StopOrderDayToExpiration= order expiration time in days.
0 - ORDER_TIME_GTC - the order will stay in the queue until it is manually canceled
1 - ORDER_TIME_DAY - the order will be valid only during the current trading day
2...X - ORDER_TIME_SPECIFIED - the order will be valid until the specified date
Added the parameters of total stop loss and take profit to the averaging block.
The stop loss/take profit level is calculated based on the middle line.
TakeProfitALL - the total take profit distance when opening averaging trades.
This option is useful only when AverageUSE is activated.
StopLossALL - the total stop loss distance when opening averaging trades.
This option is useful only when AdditionalOpening is activated.
When opening additional trades or averaging trades, the algorithm for breakeven and trailing stop is activated based on the middle line. The entire series of positions in one direction is calculated from the average level.
VirtualStops - enable the virtual (hidden) levels of stop loss/take profit/trailing stop/breakeven
Completely revised the algorithm of virtual stop loss\take profit\trailing stop\breakeven.
Now all virtual stops are displayed on the chart and are the key level for closing positions.
Data are displayed in the form of lines and written in global variables.
Note: if the stop line is removed from the chart along with the global variables, the virtual closure for this line will not work.
Note: check if your experts and indicators delete lines from the chart and global variables!
Attention: virtual levels are triggered at the current price, after which the closure occurs.
During closing, there may be a few points of slippage!
Note: enabling VirtualStops significantly reduces the speed of testing.
When closing all positions, the EA closes the positions starting from the first opened one.
Added selection of the pending stop/limit order type in StopOrderUSE
Version 17.943 - 2017.10.17
Added the ability to open trades in the tester using the panel.

Added the signal bar number for the main signal and filter
OWNSIGNAL_shift - signal bar shift for the main signal.
FILTERSIGNAL1_shift - signal bar shift for the filter.

Added a parameter to disable opening positions instead of notifying the user of a new signal.
Show_alert_without_opening_positions - when enabled, the EA will not open a new position based on the signal, but will only notify the user that a new signal has appeared. In this case, all other functions will work in the normal mode.
Version 17.933 - 2017.10.12
Optimized the signal generation algorithm. Significantly increased the EA testing and optimization speed.

Added the SaveTPafterTrailingStop option. When enabled, take profit of the modified positions will be saved in its place.
For example:
SaveTPafterTrailingStop = false: when trailing stop is active, take profit of the modified position is deleted.
SaveTPafterTrailingStop = true: when trailing stop is active, take profit of the modified position is saved.

Updated the Extra BUY and Extra SELL buttons. The stop loss/take profit specified in the EA settings is now also considered when opening positions.

Updated the MACD filter
When using the MACD filter, the location of the MACD lines relative to the MACD_BUYLEVEL and MACD_SELLLEVEL levels is now taken into account, similar to the signal.

Added ZIGZAG signals
Intersections of ZIGZAG extremums serve as position opening signals.
When using these signals, it is important to configure the shift parameter.
If set to 0, a position is immediately opened towards the intersection of the current Bid price and the latest ZIGZAG extremum.
If set to 1, a position is opened when the intersection is registered on 1 closed bar.
The last extremum is the fixed extremum 1, when a new ZIGZAG segment is plotted starting from that extremum. Intersection of the maximum and minimum point is a signal for opening a position.
The direction of the last ZIGZAG 0 segment is considered to be the ZIGZAG filter.
Version 17.525 - 2017.06.05
- Fixed the trailing stop error when there are positions in different directions.
- Added parameter ClosePositionifChangeOWNSignal - closing opposite positions when the main!! signal changes.
The difference from ClosePosifChange is that when using ClosePosifChange, a change in the signal in considered for all filters + the main signal.
And when using ClosePositionifChangeOWNSignal - a change in the signal is considered only according to the main indicator.
Version 17.424 - 2017.05.03
Added parameters for opening pending orders instead of positions
Using pending orders for entries instead of positions:

StopOrderUSE (true - false) and StopOrderDeltaifUSE (from the minimum allowed stop level allowed on the server) in points.
These parameters in conjunction provide the ability to place pending orders instead of positions. For example, you want to verify a signal after it appears by placing a pending order.
You set: StopOrderUSE =true StopOrderDeltaifUSE=100
If your indicator generates a signal for opening BUY, then the EA will place a pending BUYSTOP order at the price of Ask+StopOrderDeltaifUSE points.
If your indicator generates a signal for opening SELL, then the EA will place a pending SELLSTOP order at the price of Bid-StopOrderDeltaifUSE points.
If the parameter is less than the minimum allowed on the server, the Expert Advisor will show the error 130.
Version 17.224 - 2017.03.01
Update of the "Averaging" block for the Brazilian market
Version 17.201 - 2017.02.20
Fixed the error in displaying the autolot in EAPADPRO
Added output of the signal information to the journal when a trade is opened.
Fixed the multi-currency operation mode of the EA.

Operation by time feature

Attention: Trading by time involves only filtering for opening new deals based on new signals.
All other functions: Trailing stop, Breakeven, Averaging, Scaling up along the trend and other works around the clock.
Attention: All parameters for trading by time can be optimized in the tester.

If TradeStartStopbyTime = false, the EA trades around the clock.

If TradeStartStopbyTime = true, the trading by time is activated:
The trading by time period starts on Monday.
The EA starts working on Monday at OpenHourMonday:OpenMinuteMonday if TradeStartbyTimeMonday=true
For example, OpenHourMonday=3 and OpenMinuteMonday=40, then the EA starts trading on Monday at 40:03 server time
(time of your broker, indicated in the Market Watch).

Next, the EA checks the trading time according to the parameters: OpenHour:OpenMinute - trading start and CloseHour:CloseMinute - trading end time for one day.
For example: OpenHour=5 and OpenMinute=0, as well as CloseHour=18 and CloseMinute=59, then the EA will trade every day from 5:00 to 18:59.

To set a trading period from the starting time, set the ClosePeriod_Minute parameter - period in minutes.
For example, OpenHour=6 and OpenMinute=6 and ClosePeriod_Minute=00, then the EA sets the trading time from 0:00 to 180:6(180+9 minutes = 9 hours).

You can also set multiple time intervals for trading in the SeveralTimeWork parameter. Entry format: HH:MM-HH:MM;
where: Hour to start trading:Minute to start trading - Hour to stop trading: Minute to stop trading.
For example, SeveralTimeWork=3:00-5:00;7:30-8:50;12:00-15:00;
then the EA will trade during 3 time intervals. from 3:00 to 5:00, from 7:30 to 8:50 and from 12:00 to 15:00. The EA will not open order during the remaining time.

You can also close all open deals and pending orders outside the trading time, CloseAllTradesByOutOfTime=true.
The EA will trade during the time specified above, and when the trading time ends, the EA will close all open positions and orders.

TradeStartStopbyTimeFriday - Trading time for Friday.
This EA allows the users to set the trading time for the EA on Friday.
Time parameters for Friday: OpenHourFriday:OpenMinuteFriday - CloseHourFriday:CloseMinuteFriday
For example, the EA should not open new deals on Friday after 18:00, set:
OpenHourFriday=0:OpenMinuteFriday=0 - CloseHourFriday=18:CloseMinuteFriday=0
In this case, the EA will not open new deals after 18:00

It is also possible to close all open deals and pending orders on Friday at the specified time - 18:00, CloseFriday=true.

The block for operation by time allows to set the trading days: TradeByDays
For example, TradeByDays=true Days=1,2,3 - in this case, the EA will trade only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the time specified above. Or it will trade around the clock those 3 days, if the time is not specified.
If you set Days=1,2,3,4,5 but with TradeStartStopbyTimeFriday=false, the EA will not trade on Friday.

It is also possible to set 1 day for optimization in the DayForOptimization parameter.
This option is useful to determine the most profitable days in optimization.
For example, DayForOptimization = 3, then the EA will trade only on Wednesdays.

You can set the trading to start on Monday and to stop on Friday, while the EA trades around the clock on the remaining days.
You can set the start on Monday and specific hours on other days.
Version 17.121 - 2017.01.27
Block of Averaging
-Fixed error with the DistanceMartin

Block of Parabolic SAR based trailing stop
-Added parameter TrailingStopSAR_TimeFrame - Timeframe of the SAR indicator for the trailing stop.
-To the МТ5 version: Added Parabolic SAR based trailing stop
TrailingStopSAR (true - false) step and maximum (parameters of the Parabolic SAR)
These parameters allow the modification of stop loss based on the specified Parabolic
The stop loss will be modified at every new value of the Parabolic SAR.
Accordingly, Buy is modified when the Parabolic SAR is below the price, Sell is modified when the Parabolic is above the price.

Block of signals
-Added parameter Signal_Reverse,Filter1_Reverse,Filter2_Reverse - they allow to inverse signals
based on specific indicators (Main signal, Filter 1 and Filter 2)
-Changed the MinuteToOpenNextPosition parameter (Allow opening the next signal after the last opened position),
if there are no open positions, the EA considers the time since the last closed position.
The time is considered for the same type. If the signal is BUY, the time is calculated from the last opened \ closed BUY....
-Changed the function for receiving signal when using signal inversion.
For example:

*If you use WPR as signal source, with the levels:
WPRHighLevel= -20;
WPRLowLevel = -80;
Buy is opened, if WPR crosses WPRLowLevel (-80) upwards
SELL is opened, if WPR crosses WPRHighLevel (-20) downwards

*If you enable the option: Signal_Reverse=true
SELL is opened, if WPR crosses WPRLowLevel (-80) upwards
Buy is opened, if WPR crosses WPRHighLevel (-20) downwards

*If you enable the option: Signal_Reverse=true and set the parameters:
WPRHighLevel= -80;
WPRLowLevel = -20;
Buy is opened, if WPR crosses WPRHighLevel (-80) downwards
SELL is opened, if WPR crosses WPRLowLevel (-20) upwards

- added parameters for the MACD signal
Which are involved in determining the signal.
For the long trade, the signal crosses the MACD line and at the end of that candle the MACD is greater than 0 and MACD is less than 3,0 (the signal line and MACD line must be both above the origin and less than 3.0).
For the short trade, the signal crosses the MACD line and at the end of that candle the MACD is less than 0 and MACD is greater than -3,0 (the signal line and MACD line must be both below the origin and greater than 3.0).

-Added automatic checking and normalization for all stops to tick size on the current currency pair.
For example, if the tick size on the WING17 symbol is 5 points, then all stop loss and take profit values will be normalized.
For example, the contract price is 58840 and the automatic stop loss calculation resulted in 1211 points, the final stop loss will be normalized to 1210 points.

Automated calculation of commission and swap has been added to the Trailing Stop and Breakeven functions.
Now trailing stop only triggers after a position covers the commission amount.

Limiting loss and profit per 1 day/week/month
Limiting LimitFor - Limitation type day/week/month
LimitForLosses - Limit by profit
LimitForProfits- Limit by loss
LimitType - Limit by USD, points, percentage of the deposit
ClosebyLIMITING - Close deals of the EA when the limit is exceeded
UseCurrentProfit - Consider the current profit/loss in calculation of limit

This function is capable of disabling the EA operation in case the EA accumulates certain profit/loss in deposit currency per day/week/month The EA will be reactivated the next day/week/month
For example, LimitFor=DAY LimitForProfits=1 Close by total profit = 10 USD
You can also select the limit type (LimitType) for calculations. In the USD, points, percentage of the account balance.
If you need to close and delete all deals using this EA once the limits are exceeded, you can set ClosebyLIMITING = true
The UseCurrentProfit parameter prohibits or allows considering the current floating profit/loss for this EA

Added new signals:
AC - signal principle is the same as in the АО indicator
Ichimoku - operation principle based on intersection of the TENKANSEN and KIJUNSEN lines,
If TENKANSEN is greater than KIJUNSEN - BUY signal
If TENKANSEN is less than KIJUNSEN - BUY signal
Bar - Work in the direction of the bar
If the candle Close is above the candle Open (Bullish candle) - BUY signal
If the candle Close is below the candle Open (Bearish candle) - SELL signal

Added new filters
AC - signal principle is the same as in the АО indicator
Ichimoku - operation principle based on location of the TENKANSEN and KIJUNSEN lines,
Bar - Work in the direction of the bar
Bar relatively MA - The EA signals are filtered based on the values of bar Close and Fast\Slow MA
If the bar Close is above MAfast and MAslow - only BUY signals
If the bar Close is below MAfast and MAslow - only SELL signals

Bug fixes

Performed code optimization in order to reduce the CPU load.
Added support of the EA in the Brazilian market.
Added a new variable:
SeveralTimeWork = the EA operation time through listing,
entry format:
start hour:start minute-end hour:end minute;start hour:start minute-end hour:end minute;
For example:
means that the EA will work from 9:00 to 10:00, also from 12:00 to 13:00, and also from 15:00 to 17:30

- Added the EAPADPRO information panel
Details on the panel in our blog:
or https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/687140

The following data has been moved to the Strategy Info block:
OWN Signal = Name of the signal + Timeframe of the signal + Reverse
Current Signal = Current signal from the main indicator
Filter 1/2 - Name of the filter 1/2
Current Filter - Current signal from filters 1/2
BUY Average/Lot - Next averaging in points for BUY / Next averaging lot
SELL Average/Lot - Next averaging in points for SELL / Next averaging lot
Buy Additional/Lot - Next additional opening in points for BUY / Next lot for additional opening
Sell Additional/Lot - Next additional opening in points for SELL / Next lot for additional opening
Average Price Buy - Average price for BUY deals
Price Sell - Average price for SELL deals
Version 16.957 - 2016.11.10
Optimized the code to reduce the CPU load.
Added support for working on the Brazilian market.
Added the new variable:
SeveralTimeWork = EA working time via enumeration,
entry format:
start hour:start minute-end hour:end minute;start hour:start minute-end hour:end minute;
For example:
means that the EA works from 9:00 to 10:00, as well as from 12:00 to 13:00, as well as from 15:00 to 17:30
Version 16.955 - 2016.10.31
Fixed a bug in breakeven MovingInWLUSE, where stop loss of a trade could be ranging between breakeven and triggered trailing stop
Version 16.945 - 2016.10.24
Added support for EA operation on hedging accounts. The EA can work on Hedging and Netting accounts!
Added the Magic number
Fixed the error in balance calculation in the block of closing by profit for the accounts that use the day trading mode and equal to 0.

Added new functions to the 'Profit or Loss' block:
TrailOptions - The number of profit "units", after which profit trailing is activated;
TrailOptionsStep - Trailing step in "units";
Trailing Stop at Closing
A new function for trailing profits has been implemented on user demand. In this case, the profit is fixed with some correction. As soon as the profit reaches the specified value, the Expert Advisor saves the current profit level and starts trailing the profit. If you made settings for closing at the profit of 10 dollars:

CloseProfit - Close in profit.
prifitessss - The amount to close in profit.
TrailOptions - the distance from prifitessss, when reached the profit trailing is activated.
If prifitesss is set to 10 and TrailOptions is set to 5, the Trailing Stop will be set at 5 dollars. The Trailing Stop will come into play when the Expert Advisor passes the 10 dollar line and start moving following the profit. The Journal will show entries about the current profit status.
When the total profit falls below the last fixed level, TrailOptions, the Expert Advisor will perform forced closing of all positions.

Improved the OnePosPerDirection parameter: Open 1 trade per 1 direction
For example:
if OnePosPerDirection=true and ONlyOnePosbySignal = false
then the EA can open 1 Buy according to signal and 1 Sell according to signal
if OnePosPerDirection=false and ONlyOnePosbySignal = true
then the EA can open only 1 trade according to signal, either Buy or Sell
if OnePosPerDirection=false and ONlyOnePosbySignal = false
then the EA can open any trade according to any signal of the indicators

Added the OnlyOnePositionPerMagic parameter: Opening 1 position per 1 magic,
The EA checks if there are open positions with the specified magic number on other currency pairs. If there are no positions - the EA opens a trade according to the signal, and other experts will wait for this trade to be completed.

Added the CloseChangeOnlyInProfit parameter - close trades in case of a reverse signal only when the current position is in profit.

Added the MinuteToOpenNextPosition parameter - the number of minutes for opening the next trade based on the indicator signals. This parameter counts the number of minutes elapsed from the last opened position. It allows to filter trades when using the ONlyOnePosbySignal=false
Added the OpenOppositePositionAfterStoploss parameter - opening an opposite position when closing the current position by stop loss. It allows to open an opposite trade right after the stop loss of the previous is triggered without using the indicator signals.
Added the MAX_BUY_POSITION and MAX_SELL_POSITION parameters for limiting the maximum number of trades.
Version 16.428 - 2016.05.06
Fixed MaxOrders error.
Added new input for selecting the type of the position to open:
Version 16.309 - 2016.03.23
Version 16.226 - 2016.03.01
The updated version for the stock market:
- Fixed the error in the determination of the last lot, if the position was closed by several requests.
Version 16.105 - 2016.01.06
Redesigned the signals block when the IndSigToTrade and IndSigToTrade2 are selected.
Before: A trade opens only when the two signals match at the same time.
Now: If the IndSigToTrade signal appeared, then the FILTER_IndSigToTrade2 and FILTER_IndSigToTrade3 indicators are checked. If their signals go on, the trade is opened.
I.e. If the IndSigToTrade is selected as the main signal, then the FILTER_IndSigToTrade2 and FILTER_IndSigToTrade3 parameters only trigger as filters.
Version 15.994 - 2015.12.23
Added automatic detection of the order filling type.
Version 15.992 - 2015.12.17
Added separation of deals by parameters:
MaxOrders = maximum number of smoothing deals (deals against the main position);
MaxOrdersOpenAdditionalOpen = maximum number of additional deals (deals along the main position);
Version 15.991 - 2015.12.11
Fixed take profit calculation when opening an additional trend following trade from the 'Additional opening' unit
For an additionally opened trade, take profit is equal to the TakeProfit parameter
Version 15.981 - 2015.11.25
In signals of Stochastic RSI CCI WPR, added levels for the EA to count signals from.
Version 15.956 - 2015.10.28
New block in sets:

AdditionalOpen - use opening additional orders by trend;
DistanceAdditionalOpen - distance of opened grid positions, adding by trend;
LotsMartinAdditionalOpen - increase lot for a position grid;
MaxOrdersOpenAdditionalOpen - maximum additions, 0 - unlimited.

If you want to open additional positions by trend (for example, if you buy and the price goes up through DistanceAdditionalOpen points, a new position should be opened equal to "previous lot * LotsMartinAdditionalOpen"). The maximum amount of deals in a single position should not exceed MaxOrdersOpenAdditionalOpen deals.
Version 15.943 - 2015.10.26
Version of October 23:
added option CloseAllTradesByOutOfTime
When using the trading permission block:
input int OpenHour = 0;
input int OpenMinute = 0;
input int CloseHour = 23;
input int CloseMinute = 59;

If CloseAllTradesByOutOfTime open positions remain after the time is up - all positions are closed.
Version 15.821 - 2015.08.27
Now you can select an indicator by its name as a matter of convenience

- NO=0 - No signal
- Ma=1 - Moving Average
- MACD=2 - Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
- STOCH=3 - Stochastic Oscillator
- RSI=4 - RSI
- CCI=5 - Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
- WPR=6 - Williams Percent Range (WPR)
- BB=7 - Bollinger Bands
- Envelopes=8 - Envelopes
- Alligator=9 - Alligator
- OsMA=10 - Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA)
- AO=11 - Awesome Oscillator (AO)
- ISH=12 - Ichimoku
Version 15.618 - 2015.06.19
Updates for brokers using IOC order filling type.
Fixed averaging error.
Version 15.601 - 2015.06.02
The Expert Advisor has been updated to adjust to the new terminal build.
Removed the limitation on the minimum averaging distance.
Version 14.209 - 2014.02.13
Fixed operations of some indicators, namely MA and MACD.
Version 14.122 - 2014.01.23
Added price check when trading shares due to client requests.
Version 14.103 - 2013.10.04
Added the signal 13 - strategy based on Accelerator oscillator.
Version 13.820 - 2013.08.20
Amended the autolot function for brokers that have symbols with suffixes. For example, EURUSD.m.
Version 13.813 - 2013.08.13
Updated TrailingStop function.
When using initial trailing stop and a set of signals for modifying the stop loss, the initial stop loss is reset and the TrailingStop function starts working instead.
Version 13.237 - 2017.04.05
The EA has been updated for the terminal's build. Added condition for trading time: if parameters remain unchanged, the EA works 24 hours.

The EA is best suited for working at VPS server.