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Chart Symbol changer mt4

The program provides a simple and convenient way to change the Symbol of the current chart.

This version of the program is made as a "Custom Indicator", but in fact it is a utility and it is useless to test in the strategy tester because it does not work with historical data.

Program management.

The program is installed as a normal indicator, it does not interfere with the work of other established indicators and advisor.

Several options are available in the program settings:
  • Select a key to display a list of available Symbols. Repeated pressing of the same key hides the list without making any changes.
  • Ability to change font type and size.

To change the current Symbol, press the previously selected key and click on the Symbol in the opened list. The selected Symbol will be applied to the current chart, and the Symbols list will be hidden.

Before using the program, make sure that the Symbols of trading instruments are activated in the "Market Overview". Open the "Market Overview" can be from the terminal menu or using the hotkeys Ctrl + M, Ctrl + U.

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