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MoneyCode is a fully automated expert Advisor that trades on trend rollbacks. In its analysis, the expert Advisor uses certain formations of price behavior and indicator values on different time ranges. Upon reaching certain conditions for the opening and closing of positions the EA trails the trade entry and exit. The parameters of the trawl can be changed and optimized on your own. The expert Advisor automatically calculates the volume of the transaction to enter depending on the free Deposit funds, but it is also possible to set it manually.

Does not use martingale, grid, doubling and other risky strategies!

  • To use the currency pair of GBPJPY.
  • Availability of quotations from M1 (at least 3 days) to D1 (at least a year).
  • In order to obtain better results it is recommended ECN broker with low spreads and use VPS with low ping to the server of the broker.

Input parameter

The parameters of the trawl opening positions

  • TralOpenPeriod - timeframe for trailing of open positions.
  • TralBarsOpen - number of candles for trailing open positions.
  • TralOpen - offset from High/Low of candles.
The parameters of the trawl closure of positions
  • TralClosePeriod-timeframe for trailing position closure.
  • TralBarsClose - number of candles for trailing positions closing.
  • TralClose - offset from High/Low of candles.
MoneyManagment Options
  • AutoLot - using internal algorithm for managing capital.
  • ofDepo - the level of risk to the transaction as a percentage of the free Deposit funds. Works when AutoLot = true.
  • ManualLot - independent choice of the lot. Works when AutoLot = false.

Trade Parametrs

  • MAGIC- identification number of open positions for which the expert keeps track of its position.
  • Slippage - maximum slippage in points.
  • NumberOfTry - number of attempts to open/close positions in case of failure.
  • CommentOrd - comment to open positions.
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