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Trend Zone EA

Trend Zone EA

Trend Zone EA is an automated trading robot that opens trades based on following the trend.

The EA has been adapted to trade either only one direction (buy/sell) or both directions.

There are small built in rules that can become crucial when trading the markets. 


- The EA opens only one trade at a time
- The EA opens only one trade per trend signal
- The EA does not open a trade if the previous trade is open
- Loading and reloading the EA to the chart resets martingale
- Loading the EA to the chart the EA opens a trade with the Next trade signal
- Trailing Stop starts from the set Stop Loss

These are the traits that might be difficult to find with a simple EA, yet can become resolute when extracting profits from the markets successfully.

Note: It is advised to always add a more extensive analysis before automating the trade. By that the EA can become a useful instrument for the disciplined trader.

- Amplitude
- Max Spread
- Magic Number
- Martingale
- Martingale Reset
- Trade Mode
- Lot Size
- Stop Loss
- Take Profit
- Break Even
- Trailing Stop

The Trend Zone EA is based on the Trend Zone Indicator https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/32045

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