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MQL converter from MT4 to MT5

"Converter from MT4 to MT5" is an utility that converts MQL4 source file to MQL5 source file.

Functions for migrating to source code are automatically added, so you can easily migration from MT 4 to MT 5.

  • Function of 431 in function of 450 can be migrated
  • Trade Functions can be migrated
  • Technical Indicator Functions can be migrated
  • It is possible to convert multiple files at once
  • Conversion of included files also updated at a later date

Conversion procedure

The operation procedure is explained in the movie.
Please turn on English subtitles and play videos.

[Step overview]

  1. Insert utility on arbitrary chart to create initial folder for conversion.
  2. Open the Input folder and place the MQL4 source file *.
  3. Insert the utility again on the chart.
  4. Open the Output folder and check that the MQL 5 source file is created.

* It is necessary to write "#property strict" in the source code and have no compile error.

Utility parameters

  • Source file: Select the type to convert to MQL5 source file. Expert or Indicator.


  • Root folder: terminal_data_folder\MQL4\Files\MQLConverterFromMT4ToMT5
  • Sub folder: Input, Output
  • Input file: *.mq4
  • Output file: *.mq5

Tester's Input/Output

Only the source files in the Sample folder can be converted by the tester.

  • Root folder: terminal_data_folder\tester\files\MQLConverterFromMT4ToMT5
  • Sub folder: Input, Output, Sample
  • Input file: Sample_Expert.mq4, Sample_Indicator.mq4
  • Output file: Sample_Expert.mq5, Sample_Indicator.mq5

Jason Storm
Jason Storm 2018.10.17 08:15 

did not work for me on my ea or indicator. I added #property strict in mt4 and it gave me some errors. I fixed the errors and it generated the mql5 but when I go to compile there's tons of errors. :( I decided a trade copier was a better idea. (autofxpro works great mt4 to mt5)