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Multi Charts eWatch

The program allows you to simultaneously view up to 25 charts of trading instruments in one window of the main chart and this approach can be convenient for reviewing and analyzing the current situation when making trading decisions. However, it should be borne in mind that the more graphs will be displayed at a time, the more power from the computer will be required. Please, adequately assess the capabilities of your computer.

This version of the program is made in the type of "Expert Advisor", in fact it is a utility and it is useless to test in the strategy tester because it does not work with historical data, does not manage trading orders, but only displays the current situation with the selected symbols and issues notifications about events.


  • current time and time remaining until the end of the current bar,
  • the range of the graph of the displayed symbol in digital form,
  • the tick volume in digital form and in case of exceeding the current value of the previous one gives a visual and audible signal,
  • current account profit with the ability to close all positions.

It has:

  • The volume analyzer which displays 3 different volume states (VCU, VCD - high volume and large bar size, HVC - high volume and small bar size, LV - low volume) with the help of colored labels located on the extremes of bars with visual and audio signal
  • Zig-Zag indicator displays waves, builds Fibo levels, marks the zone 38.2 / 61.8, accompanied by a visual and audible signal when forming a new wave
  • The detector of the main patterns of displays 8 types of patterns (FB - Force Bar, IB - Inside Bar, OB - Outside Bar, DE - Double Extremum, HR - Hook Revers, BP - Breaking Price Revers, PP - Pivot Point Revers, LS - Long Shadow Bar) with a visual and audible signal.

The program corresponds to the “Expert Advisor” type. Feature: the demand for computer power increases with increasing number of displayed graphs.

Program management

When the program is launched for the first time, the symbols of trading instruments are selected from the "Market Overview" of the terminal and automatically assigned to subordinate charts.

To select a symbol the and the appointment of its desired schedule, you need to click on the abbreviation "SS" located in the lower left corner of the main chart. A list of available symbols previously activated in the "Market Overview" of the terminal will be opened. Then click on the desired chart and click on the desired symbol. To exit the operation of assigning symbols to the charts, you need to click on the abbreviation "SS", the list of available symbols will be hidden.

To turn on the volume analyzer, click on the abbreviation "VO".
To turn the Zig-Zag indicator on, click on the abbreviation "ZZ".
To close all positions, click on the current profit display.

Program settings (input parameters)

General Settings

  • Refresh time, sec
  • Show current and remain time
  • Show range charts, points
  • Show current tick volume, digits
  • Sound alert if current volume above previous, on / off
  • Show account profit, current
  • Close all positions and cancel all orders – close all positions and cancel all pending orders on all charts on the current account.
  • File name for sound alert (only name of file) – the name of the sound file used for the audio notification, only the name is specified, the file should be located in a standard folder with audio files of the terminal and have the format .wav

Analyzer tick volume

  • Analyzer tick volume, on / off
  • Sound alert, on / off
  • Total number of bars for analysis
  • Number of bars to calculate
  • Signal for VCU, on / off
  • Signal for VCD, on / off
  • Signal for HVC, on / off
  • Signal for LV, on / off

ZigZag indicator with Fibo levels

  • ZigZag indicator, on / off
  • Show new wave and breakout of extremum on / off
  • Sound alert, on / off
  • Number repeats of signal, times
  • Depth
  • Deviation
  • Backstep
  • AB Fibo, on / off
  • AB Ray, on / off
  • BC Fibo, on / off
  • BC Ray, on / off
  • CD Fibo, on / off
  • CD Ray, on / off
  • CR Fibo, on / off
  • CR Ray, on / off
  • Color of CR
  • Color of ZZ up direction
  • Color of ZZ down direction
  • Color of zone if price above
  • Color of zone if price below
  • Style ZZ
  • Thickness ZZ
  • Style Fibo
  • Thickness Fibo

Detector approximate bar patterns

  • Detector bar patterns, on / off
  • Sound alert, on / off
  • Limit detection from Spread (X.XX) 
  • Size of bar from Spread (X.XX)

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Version 1.3 2018.09.12
Изменение алгоритма определения формации бара с длинным хвостом
Version 1.2 2018.09.10
Minor change associated with updating the state of objects when an event occurs.