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No More Pips

No More Calculating Pips!!!

No More Pips is a simple indicator designer to help beginners better see their earnings on the chart in their account currency.


See the currency value of your opened trade. + profit earned. - lose earned 

+ Positive YellowProfit earned on your opened trade
 - Negative  Orange Loses earned on your opened trade

See the true value of your Takeprofit in your account currency.


See the true value of your Stoplose in your account currency.


The new version address the concerns reviewer (username: AnthonyJ68) had raised, i hope you find the new version very customization. 

AnthonyJ68 2018.09.26 16:03   

I am terribly disappointed - zero stars!

I just added it to my chart only discover that it's always a bright yellow color which I can barely read (not everyone uses a black background) which cannot be changed, it's in a fixed position that MT4's one-click menu covers over (so needs to be retracted) which also cannot be changed, and worst of all it does not show the real $ value because it does not factor in the commission.

For this to be worth anywhere near the amount you are charging, you must at the very least fix those limitations, which are:

1. a choice of any color from the full color pallet.

2. a choice of which corner of the chart it is positioned in and the distance in pixels from the Y and X axis.

3. showing the real profit/loss amount in $ for all open trades in the chart that is is applied to (which means factoring in the commission if charged).

Version 2.0 2018.10.07

1. See Both earning, before and after Commission.
2. Change color of Text to adjust for background.
3. Change position of text box and place anywhere on your chart.