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SN Liza EA

Counselor Liza SN EA a simple but effective trading Advisor. The system is simple and consists in opening trades at a specified time, then the EA makes a profit and is disabled until the next time point. For the conclusion of the transaction plus applicable averaging using order grid. But since the profit is set close, the probability of a positive outcome is high.

  • slippage - allowed slippage, 0 - not used 
  • Magic - magic, the identifier of the EA's orders
  • Procent - % of free margin to open the first order
  • Lot Multiplier-lot multiplier for averaging
  • TP - take profit in standard points
  • Step - step in standard points
  • Time Open time open, is supported by the following format: HH:MM,HH:MM or HH,HH. For example: 5,16 or 5: 30, 16: 05
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