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SN Liza EA

SN Liza EA is a simple but effective trading EA. The system is simple and consists in opening trades at a specified time, after that the EA makes a profit and is disabled until the next time point. For the conclusion of the transaction plus applicable averaging using order grid. But since the profit is set close, the probability of a positive outcome is high. 

For best performance, it is necessary to choose a time when the market is in a flat state, such as early morning or night.

  • slippage - allowed slippage, 0-not used 
  • Magic - magic, the identifier of the EA's orders
  • Procent - % of free margin to open the first order
  • Lot Multiplier-lot multiplier for averaging
  • TP-take profit in standard points
  • Step - step in standard points
  • Step Multiplier - multiplier to increase the step between orders
  • Time Use - use the specified time or work around the clock
  • Time start hour Time start minute - the time in hours and minutes to enable 
  • End Time hour, end Time minute is the time in hours and minutes to turn off
    pradyapk 2019.06.28 17:28 


    oguzhan_gunell 2018.12.21 00:13 

    Perfect! But with this settings for me :)

    Tested 30 days with this settings.

    Procent : 0.1

    lot. mult.: 2

    TP: 28

    Step: 16

    Time : 9:00 - 22:00

    Edit!!!!! The old version of SN LISA was very good, I had to delete the new version. very bad.

    Sergey Shergin
    Sergey Shergin 2018.11.07 04:24 

    Покупал советник потестировать на месяц. Тестировал на демо у разных брокеров, подбирал в тестере стратегий оптимальные параметры. Думаю за свою цену стоящий советник, буду брать его в копилку своих прибыльных роботов.

    Version 1.25 2019.11.24
    - added MM calculation mode settings
    - changed trading logic, if buy or sell direction is closed and trading time allows trading, then this direction will be opened again
    - added settings for changing TP by a specified number in the order grid
    - added settings to exit the minimum profit, if the total number of orders exceeds the specified
    - optimization
    Version 1.24 2019.09.04
    - добавлен стартовый лот
    Version 1.23 2019.07.02
    - to switch the take profit calculation mode, an additional parameter Use Average TP is introduced, if true, the breakeven point is taken into account in the calculations.
    Version 1.22 2019.07.02
    - added the ability to optimize trading time
    - added step multiplier between orders
    - changed the logic of calculation of take profit
    Version 1.21 2018.11.26
    - незначительные изменения кода
    Version 1.20 2018.11.09
    - обновлено торговое время, установлено по умолчанию 5:00-5:10
    - при отключении торгового времени (Time Use=false), советник будет работать круглосуточно (вариант для экстремалов). Данный режим лучше применять в боковике на м5-м30 и быть готовым , что можете потерять деньги.