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Alligator Awesome oscillator Accelerator SIGNAL

This indicator includes some basic functions of the "New Trading Dimensions" and "Chaos Theory" Developed by Bill Williams.

The main purpose of this indicator is to detect and mark signals on the basis of 3 indicators: Alligator, Awesome Oscillator & Accelerator when they have signal issued, with ability for users to choose any combination between 3 indicators they need.

This indicator will give bullish, Range and Bearish signal by displaying arrows. It also has a built-in Show_alert, Play_Sound, Send_Email & Send_Notification functions and setting is to act only for the first change in arrow type. In default for Indicator Signal when all, has same equal signal issued, we have Bullish/Bearish arrow up/down, otherwise no trade arrow.

For all Indicators arrow, Name & Type for that arrow appear when you hold mouse on it.

Indicator Signals:

  • Bullish is plotted in Blue arrow up,
  • Range (No Trade) is plotted in White (x),
  • Bearish is plotted in Red arrow down.

Input Parameters:

User can choose any combination of signals issued by below with select true/false in "Inputs" tab, and see the result as Indicator Signal:

  • Alligator
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Oscillator (AC)
  • Awesome Oscillator (AO) *
  • Awesome Oscillator Divergence (AO Divergence) *

* for more Increased ability to control Indicator Signals by user, this two were separated.

Signal on Close/Open bar: Indicator default setting use data for previous closed bar, and use this case to create Signal & send alarm. If you choose "Open Bar", so Indicator work on it.

Indicator Signal show in level ....?: you can set on default for maximum or @ any other level value of separate window of indicator.

Play Sound: Any *.wav in directory " ...Metatrader 5\Sounds ".



Bill Williams describes the Alligator as being like a compass which keeps your trading in the right direction. If all three lines (Alligator's Jaw, Alligator's Teeth & Alligator's Lips) are intertwined, the Alligator is asleep and the market is rangebound. When the Jaws, Teeth and Lips are Regular, there is upward/downward trend.

In default for Alligator @ level=0.0 :

  • Alligator_Bullish is plotted in Blue Solid Circles
  • Alligator_ Range is plotted in White Solid Circles
  • Alligator_ Bearish is plotted in Red Solid Circle

Input parameters for Alligator:

  • Alligator Jaws period=13;
  • Alligator Teeth period=8;
  • Alligator Lips period=5;
  • Alligators Moving average method=MODE_SMMA;
  • Alligators Applied price=PRICE_MEDIAN;

Acceleration/Deceleration Oscillator (AC)

Signals of the Indicator Accelerator Oscillator:

  • Buy (sell) above (below) the zero line: The signals occur when the accelerator changes its direction. A buy (sell) above (below) the zero line signal is generated when there are two consecutive Green (red) histogram bars. The histogram is below (above) the zero line.
  • Buy (sell) below (above) the zero line: If the histogram is below (above) the zero line, a buy (sell) signal is generated when there are three consecutive green (red) histogram bars. If histogram “2th” or “3th” bar crosses the zero line, then histogram “3th” bar becomes a signal bar, and there is no need to wait for the “4th” bar to occur.

Awesome Oscillator (AO)

Signals of the Indicator Awesome Oscillator:

  • The Awesome Oscillator Saucer buy (sell): Awesome Oscillator Saucer buy (sell) signal is generated when the histogram which is above (below) the zero line changes its direction from falling (rising) to rising (falling).
  • The Awesome Oscillator Cross buy (sell): A buy (sell) signal is generated when the histogram crosses the zero line from below (above).

Awesome Oscillator Divergence, Twin peaks (AO Divergence)

Awesome Oscillator Divergence

A buy (sell) signal called the Twin Peaks buy (sell) signal is generated when the histogram is lower (higher) than the zero line, and the last indicator's bottom is higher (last indicator's top is lower) than the preceding one. Between these two bottoms (tops) the histogram can never be higher (lower) than zero.

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