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Just5Team Engulfing Strategy

Engulfing Strategy is the way that you could trade Engulfing pattern with Just5Team Tips .

Every Engulfing pattern has some Magical Zone that price will rejected from it and this indicator will show your Engulfing patterns and Magical zones .

Just5Team Engulfing Strategy indicator will show you All Engulfing magical zones ( and LTF ) and will gives your alert if zone tap .


  • MaxEngulfingPercent– how many percentage second candle should be to be engulfing.
  • MinEngulfingBodyPoints – how many Pips first candle should be.
  • MaxBarsM1 .. MaxBarsH4=200 – number of bars considering for zone detection on each timeframe. Zones created before are being deleted.
  • EnableM1.. EnableH4=true – enable timeframes for zone detection.
  • MaxZoneHeightPoints – how many pips zone should be at maximum .
  • BearishColor=Orange – color of Supply zones.
  • BullishColor=SeaGreen– color of Demand zones.
  • ShowAutoLines=true – show horizontal lines on the top and bottom of automatically created zones.
  • LineColor=None – color of horizontal lines.
  • LineWidth=2 – width of horizontal lines.
  • ShowSolidLines=true – show solid  lines on highest/lowest close price .
  • LineColor=None – color of solid lines.
  • TFColor=None – color of TimeFrame Detector.
  • CreateAlertOn=false – send alert and push notification when a Zone is created.
  • TapAlertOn=true– send alert and Push-notification after the price taps a Zone first time.
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