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Test Trade Pad


Test & Trade Pad works on strategy tester as well as on live and demo charts. You can really hone your trading skills in strategy tester especially with the control of tester speed feature. 

It is multi-functional tool with many useful features for testing or trading live. Has trade management features such as stop reversal, break even and trade re-entry to help you deal with stopped out trades. 

It sits neatly on the left of the screen out of the way but with extra buttons, features can be expanded onto the screen. 

Open to any suggestions you may have. Test Trade Pad is a work in progress there will always be future updates to make improvements and accommodate any user. 


Trade Pad Features : 

Buy - A basic buy execution order.   

Sell - A basic sell execution order.   

Straddle - Places a buystop x points above current bid price and a sellstop x points below the current bid price. This is useful for trading triangles or box range breakout.

Close All - Closes all trades at once including any part closed trades. 

Part Close - Closes 50% of the lot size of the trade leaving the remaining 50%.

Break Even - When switched to on will move all buy or sell execution orders to a break-even level plus profit as set by user input.

Stop Reversal - When switched to on will automatically place an opposite order on the current execution orders stop loss level. Therefore if the trade moves against you it gets you back in the trade.

Re Entry - When switched to on will automatically re-enter your trade if you are stopped out. It re-enters the number of times as set by user inputs.

Add Ons Features : 

Info - Makes an info box appear displaying some of the vital info on you trade such as bid and ask price, spread size, lot size, balance, equity, and profit/loss of current trade.

Orders - Makes an extra box appear for if you want to place any pending orders buystop, buylimits, sellstop and selllimit. Distance is set within user inputs.

Sessions - Makes an extra box appear with a choice of showing the European, Asian and American trading sessions. Is useful for viewing the most volatile trading zones in any given day. For example when usa clashes with European times at 1pm till 5pm.

Pivots - Makes an extra box appear with a choice of either 4 hour, daily, weekly or monthly pivots.

Tester Speed Features : 

When doing those also important backtests of your trading idea aren't you fed up with the tester when at speed 31 is slow then when moved to 32 immediately speeds up there is no in-between speeds? Well my feature Tester Speed can control this to a more acceptable speed for testing. 1 is for slowest and 6 is fastest.    



  • Magic Number - For inputting your magic number.
  • Slippage - The allowed level of slippage before your trade is allowed.


  • Lot Size - For inputting you lot size


  • Stop Loss - Sets the stop loss level. 
  • Take Profit - Sets the take profit level.


  • Straddle Buy - Sets the distance of buy order from current price.
  • Straddle Sell - Sets the distance of sell order from current price. 


  • Break Even Minimum Profit - Sets how much profit you want before the stop is moved to the breakeven level.
  • Break Even Profit Lock In - Sets how much profit you might want to lock in when the stop is moved to lock in the profit you want.


  • Bars Till Close Order - Counts the number of bars till the re-entered order is closed.
  • How Many Orders Allowed - The number of re-entries placed before no more are allowed.


  • BuyStop Distance - The distance of the buystop pending order from the current price.   
  • BuyLimit Distance - The distance of the buylimit pending order from the current price.   
  • SellStop Distance - The distance of the sellstop pending order from the current price.   
  • SellLimit Distance - The distance of the selllimit pending order from the current price.   


  • Sound Type - The type of sound heard when order is opened or closed.
  • Sound On or Off - Switches the sound you hear on or off.   


  • Pivots Color - Sets the color of pivots.


  • Euro Colors - Sets the colors of the European session zone. 
  • USA Colors - Sets the colors of the American session zone. 
  • Asia Colors - Sets the colors of the Asian session zone.

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