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Indicator Parameters

  • Sensor: 10 period by default

These parameters works best for any currency on the M1 and M5 charts.

For best performance increase the sensor value for if the indicator will be used on higher time frames such as the M15, H1 and above. 

How it works

  • This indicator is designed to spot potential reversal levels or zones, and exhaustion of selling/buying pressures, where the yellow and Blue stars present short/sell signals and the blue stars for long/buy signals.
  • It works in all time frames depending on your style, whether you scalp the market or swing trade.
  • Never repaints, once the bar with the signal is closed the signal stays there.
  • Never back paints
  • Never recalculates
  • It provides direct alerts with sound on your Metatrader 4 platform.
  • It also provides push alarms direct to you IOS/Andriod devices.
  • Signals strictly on the "Opening of the bar".

  • Once the signal appears and the bar is closed it will never disappear.


How it can be used

  • Add it to your existing system or trade it standalone with serious and conservative money management.
  • It can be used on all pairs, minors, majors, and even metals.
  • You can either use the the Yellow, and Blue signals for direct market/pending orders to enter the market, or you can even use it to exit already existing/opened trades.
  • it can either be used for both style; trend following or counter trend following.
  • Ideal for scalping and swing trading.
  • Its a confirmation to price action trading.
  • Confirm signals with support/resistance levels.
  • Improving results of Overbought/Oversold indicators.

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Version 2.0 2018.08.25
. Range has been removed and Only the Sensor left
. Decreased the number of false signals by enhancing how the indicator calculate it self.