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AsiaCAD is a fully automatic expert advisor that uses the nature of moving of asian crosses at M1 charts. The EA belongs to the family of conservative scalpers having entries of high accuracy and advanced algorithm of closing bad trades that leads to seldom stop losses.

Key Advantages of the EA

  • no grid/martingale
  • fixed stop loss for every trade
  • least settings
  • small starting deposit


  • Minimum deposit: 100$
  • Account type: any
  • Currency pairs: AUDCAD, NZDCAD, AUDNZD
  • Time frame: M1


  • Lots - value of fixed lot
  • Risk - dynamic risk
  • FixLots - to use fixed lot
  • BandsRange - width of channel to determine strong moves of price
  • Signal_LifeTime - life time of first signal to enter
  • MinMADist - minimal distance to zone of moving averages using for trades' closing, in points
  • CloseMAs - the number of moving averages that must be broken to close the trade
  • UseVisibleTP - to place visible take profit
  • UseFixedSL - to place stop loss
  • SLBand_Period - the period of Bollinger channel to calculate stop loss
  • SLBand_Range - the width of Bollinger channel to calculate stop loss
  • MagicNumber - unique number of EA's orders
  • ShowPanel - to show information panel
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