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Loss Destroyer

Loss Destroyer do not open an order. It is intended only for closing loss-making orders. The expert closes loss-making orders, when the account appears profit from other orders. In this case, you can use part of the profit or the entire profit (indicated in the settings). If the profit to close the order is not enough, the order will be partially closed. When there is a new profit - the adviser will continue to close the loss. This is an adviser who automatically closes a part (or completely) of loss-making orders due to incoming profits from profitable orders. The adviser is multicurrency. Specify a currency pair in the settings - and it will work only with it. By default, the EA takes the farthest order and closes it. Specify the order number in the settings - and the adviser will close only this order, until it is completely closed. By default, the Expert Advisor works with the currency pair on which it is installed.


  • Easy to use - minimum settings
  • The adviser does not open an order. It is intended only for closing unprofitable orders
  • Multicurrency - specify the currency pair in the settings
  • The minimum deposit is any
  • Does not require disconnection for weekends and holidays
  • Do not turn off the robot during the news
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Works on any pair
  • Type of account - any
  • Works on cent and dollar accounts
  • Works on any broker
  • Works around the clock


  • % of profit for order close - Percent of profit for closing the order,% (Default - 50%).
    those. if for example is specified 50%, after closed order (or several) with a profit of $100, then 50% is take for work, this is 50 $. For this amount, the unprofitable order will be closed (in whole or in part), or several orders (depending on the settings). But only for $50.
  • Order number for close - the number of the order to close (ticket). If the order number is specified, the adviser will only work with this order, until the order is completely closed. 0=Off
  • Symbol for work - currency pair. If a currency pair is specified, the adviser will close the loss-making orders only on this pair. Empty=Off


  • Platform: MetaTrader 4
  • Recommended account type: any
  • Recommended pairs: any
  • Symbol: any
  • Timeframe: any
  • Working time: 24 hours
Reviews 2
sergmir2007 2018.08.08 13:47 

утилита работает без ошибок и сбоев

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gumilangforex 2020.06.17 18:45   

dear Sir, i was purchase your product im very happy to using it, I hope you want to add "magic number to destroy", on your product so this tool become more powerfull, because i use a lot of magic number to recover lossing magic number else, hope you can help me..thanks a lot..

sergmir2007 2018.08.08 13:47 

утилита работает без ошибок и сбоев