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SkipperGrid is quite flexible adviser, trades on signals coming from three indicators: Parabolic Sar, Rsi, Moving Average. All indicators are disconnected, there is the possibility of selecting a working period .

Can work as a single order, or as a series of orders, the embedded management manages and calculates the initial lot depending on the balance.

Uses two-level Trailing Stop and Take Profit, that is, the first open orders always work according to their Trailing Stop fist and Take Profit fist, if additional orders are opened, the order series already use Trailing Stop next and Take Profit next. Protection from unanticipated situations on the market, we can use a visible stoploss or use a closing at the maximum drawdown in percent. There is also a closing function on the reverse signal.

Expert multicurrency. It can be optimized for almost any pair, optimization and testing can be done on control points, which greatly simplifies and saves time when setting up an expert.

SkipperGrid works only with its orders. The work takes into account the spread, commission and swap.

Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/513023

Trading recommendations

  • Recommended couples 
    • EURUSD
    • EURAUD
    • EURCAD
    • EURJPY
  • Period of the schedule H1.
  • The minimum balance for trading on one pair is $ 1000 or $ 10 on a cent account.


  • SAR_ON - at true the Parabolic Sar indicator is working, false is disabled.
  • SAR_TF - The working timeframe on which the indicator is running.
  • SAR_Step - is the step for the Parabolic SAR.
  • SAR_Maximum - maximum for Parabolic SAR.
  • SAR_Color - Select the color for drawing the indicator.
  • RSI_ON - when true, the RSI indicator is working, false is disabled.
  • RSI_TF - The working timeframe on which the indicator is running. 
  • RSI_Fast_Period - the value of the fast RSI period. 
  • RSI_Slow_Period - the value of the period of the slow RSI. 
  • MA_ON - at true the Moving Average indicator is working, false is disabled.
  • MA_Revers - if true if the price is above MA, open sell, if lower then buy, at false on the contrary.
  • MA_TF - The working timeframe on which the indicator is running. 
  • MA_Period - is the MA period value. 
  • MA_Metod - is the Moving Average method.
  • MA_Price - price.
  • MA_Color - Select the color for drawing the indicator.
  • MA_Distance - min. the permissible distance in pips from MA for opening an order.
  • MaxOrder - the maximum allowed number of open orders.
  • MinPricePips - min. allowable distance in pips for opening the next order.
  • Slippage - maximum slippage.
  • FirstLots - initial lot, if 0, then automatically calculated from the balance.
  • Lot_Proc_From_Balance - automatic calculation of the initial lot from free funds on the account, optimal values from 0.15 to 0.3 .
  • Martin - is a lot size multiplier for additional deals.
  • TP_pips_first - the take-profit of the first order.
  • TP_pips_next - take order of a series of orders.
  • SL_pips - StopLoss.
  • CloseContrSignal - at true close on the reverse signal.
  • Close_Drawdown_Percent - the maximum allowable drawdown of the account in percent.
  • Trall_SL_start_first - from which point from the break-even, start trawling the first open order.
  • Trall_SL_pips_first - how far from the price we trail the stoploss of the first order.
  • Trall_SL_start_next - from which point from the break-even begin to trawl a series of orders.
  • Trall_SL_pips_next - how far from the price we spend the stop-loss of a series of orders.
  • SpreadMax - the maximum allowable spread for opening an order.
  • Magic - the magic number for determining orders of the adviser.

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Version 1.2 2018.11.09
Fixed minor bugs detected when trading on a demo account.
Version 1.1 2018.10.05
1.Optimized trawl basket of orders.
2.Added information on the screen closing price.