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The Expert Advisor trades within a channel in the direction of the main trend.

The general trading principle is very simple. Optimize the robot for the last 2 years with a small offset for forward testing. Next, use the obtained settings to perform a number of deals on a real account and perform the optimization again.

Optimization should be performed with the automatic lot increase per 100 USD. The RiskPercent parameter should be set to 70%. It is recommended to trade on a live account with a fixed lot - 0.01 per 100 USD of the initial deposit.

Keep in mind that a high risk can cause the loss of the deposit. To prevent this, regularly optimize the EA and withdraw the received profit. In skillful hands, it can be a very useful tool.

Monitoring - https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/robotstroi


  • MaxSpread - maximum allowed spread for opening and closing orders;
  • MM - automatic lot calculation;
  • AllocatedAmount - if greater than 0, all calculations are based on the specified amount, otherwise based on the deposit. For example, the deposit size is 1000 USD, and you want to use only 100 USD for trading. Accordingly, this parameter should be set to 100. In this case, if the drawdown reached the specified amount, all orders will be force closed;
  • RiskPercent - risk percentage for calculating the lot based on deposit or on AllocatedAmount;
  • Lots - fixed lot, if automatic lot calculation is disabled;
  • MultiplierLots - lot multiplier for averaging positions;
  • MaxLots - the maximum allowable lot;
  • AutoDistance - automatic calculation of the distance between orders;
  • FixDistance - fixed distance, if automatic calculation is disabled;
  • DepthHistory - the number of bars to calculate the distance between orders;
  • SplitterDistance - divisor of the distance for a certain number of bars;
  • MaxTrades - the maximum number of open positions;
  • Slippage - acceptable slippage;
  • PeriodTrend - period of the trend indicator;
  • PeriodLevel - period of the channel indicator;
  • UpperLevel - the upper boundary of the channel, within which the EA is allowed to trade;
  • LowerLevel - the lower boundary of the channel, within which the EA is allowed to trade;
  • MagicNumber - identifier of orders;
  • TakeProfit - fixed take profit;
  • UseTrailingStop - trailing stop;
  • TrailStart - trailing stop start;
  • TrailStop - trailing stop step;
  • UseOutTime - close positions in breakeven after a certain time;
  • MaxOpenHours - the maximum position holding time, after which the robot tries to close them in breakeven;
  • StopLoss - fixed stop loss based on the breakeven level for the entire series of orders;
  • VirtualStopLoss - virtual stop loss as a percentage of the deposit;
  • StopLossPercentage - percentage of the virtual stop loss;
  • PeriodIndicatorStop - period of the indicator for opening and early closing orders;
  • LevelIndicatorStop - overbought and oversold (negative) level, within which the EA is allowed to trade. In case the price exceeds this channel, all orders are immediately closed;
  • Drawdown - drawdown as a percentage of the deposit for the EA to stop trading after closing orders (they are not closed forcibly). This function is designed to catch the moment when the market starts reshaping, in order to optimize the EA. Once triggered, the function is disabled when the robot restarts. If 0, then it is not used.


  • Currency pair - any of the ones, at which the robot can be optimized (the robot is configured for EURUSD by default);
  • Chart timeframe - from М1 to H1 (the robot is configured for М15 charts by default);
  • The minimum deposit for one currency pair - 100 USD per 0.01 starting lot.

It is faster to optimize the robot using Open prices, while obtained results are better to be checked on every tick.
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