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FIN Trend BreakDancer

The indicator is based on the stochastic indicator projected on the main chart. It shows potential breakout zones in direction of the main trend. The indicator contains a self-optimization module for finding optimal settings. The indicator automatically saves optimized settings for each trading symbol and timeframe.

Key features

  • Stochastic projected on the main chart
  • Price action confirmation of trend following patterns
  • Fixed take profit level based on price action
  • Fixed stop loss level based on price action
  • Signals generation for automatic trading
  • Statistics module for measuring trading performance
  • Optimization module for finding the best settings
  • Stores optimized settings for each currency and timeframe

Indicator Settings

  • UseInputSettings - forced use of input indicator settings instead of saved optimized settings. This option usually used in automated trading using Expert Advisors
  • KPeriod - stochastic K-line period
  • Slowing - stochastic slowing of K-line
  • DPeriod - stochastic D-line (signal) period
  • MovingPeriod - price channel moving period
  • ATRPeriod - price channel ATR period (used D1 timeframe)
  • ATRMult - price channel ATR multiplier
  • Overbought - stochastic overbought percent level
  • Oversold - stochastic oversold percent level
  • RetracementCoef - entry retracement coefficient after detecting entry zone
  • TakeProfitCoef - take profit multiplier
  • StopLossCoef - stop loss multiplier

Optimization Settings

  • PrecalculateBars - number of bars for optimization and statistics calculation
  • MinimumTradesPerMonth - minimum count of trades in one month
  • MinimumPipsPerTrade - minimal average profit per one trade
  • MaximumLossSequence - maximum consecutive losses

Notification Settings

  • UseAlert - use alerts
  • UseMail - use email notifications
  • UsePush - use push notifications
  • UseSound - use sound notifications
  • NotifySound - sound of notifications

Drawing Settings

  • ShowPanels - show statistics and optimization panels
  • clrBullishRect - color of bullish entry zone
  • clrBearishRect - color of bearish entry zone
  • clrBullishBreakoutLine - color of bullish entry line
  • clrBearishBreakoutLine - color of bearish entry line
  • clrTakeprofit - take profit color
  • clrStoploss - stop loss color

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