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Donchian Buy Sell


  • Economic indicator which proposes positions to the display of the arrows of colors.
  • When the blue Donchian high line is touched, a pink arrow displays a sell signal.
  • When the pink low line is touched, a blue arrow displays a buy signal.
  • Works on all time frames.
  • We give 149 activations, so unlimited activation.


  1. M1
  2. M5
  3. M15
  4. M30
  5. H1
  6. H4
  • Easy-to-use indicator based on Donchian core indicator and very useful for decision making.
Please, see the attached images where the interpretation of the indicator and an example of trading strategy is shown.


  • SignalGap: Height between the arrow and the Donchian band.
  • ShowBars: Number of bars.
  • distance: Define the channel and limits where the price tends to move, identifying support and resistance.
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Version 7.42 - 2018.07.25
Update of the data concerning the currency used.