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Full Account info

Informer indicator. The top bar constantly shows:

  • Total amount of the used margin (excluding the hedge discount);
  • Percentage of the balance growth relative to the initial deposit (account balance/initial deposit);
  • Percentage of the equity growth relative to the initial deposit (equity/initial deposit);
  • Percentage of relative drawdown (equity/account balance);
  • Total number of orders, including pending orders;
  • Loss of the most unprofitable position;
  • Total volume of positions;

By default, the indicator displays only one bar with the above data at a time. By default, the constantly displayed bar is displayed in the top left corner of the chart and can be moved to any other corner. The indent from the chart border can also be adjusted.

The output format can be changed by pressing the "Show/Hide" button.

When expanded, the indicator displays an additional table with detailed information on all pairs with open deals:

  • Symbol names
  • Total number of positions for each pair
  • Volume of Buy
  • Volume of Sell
  • Net - total volume of all positions opened on a pair
  • Profit of Buy
  • Profit of Sell
  • Net - total profit of all positions opened on a pair

This information gathered in one table is very important for multicurrency trading. If a large number of pairs are traded, it is very important to see and analyze the information in full.

Input parameters

  • Initial_deposit - initial deposit. This parameter is optional, but if it is not entered or entered incorrectly, the output of the "Balance growth" and "Equity growth" will be distorted. The relative drawdown will be displayed correctly in either case.

The "Total amount of the used margin" parameter is especially important. If it is not known or not taken into account, the deposit can be easily lost when trading on an account with a margin of 50, 25 or 0% for hedged (locked) positions. The danger multiplies on accounts with a large leverage, zero percent of the hedged margin and a high stop-out level. Many fell into this trap, if not everyone. Trouble occurs happens with a high percentage of the lock (a 1:1 lock is even more dangerous) when closing a significant amount of positions by TP or SL. The "Margin level" line in the terminal shows a high percentage, and there is no evidence of the approaching danger. But when closing a large amount of deals in one direction, the hedged balance of a pair does not change, the amount of used margin grows from zero to 100%, the account hits a stop-out and falls like a house of cards. And there is nothing to be done. The account fails at any change of the Buy/Sell ration on the pair, no matter what is closed - profit or loss. Actions should have been taken (or rather not taken) earlier - it was a bad decision to overload the account with volumes many times exceeding allowable values.

The "Total volume of positions" parameter can also serve as a warning. Process this indication as follows:

  • it is relatively safe to trade 1 lot with a deposit of $10000 on an account with a leverage of 1:100;
  • when trading on an account with a higher leverage and/or higher hedging percentage, compare the actual total volume of open positions with the volume/deposit ratio mentioned above. If the volume of open positions is several times greater than this ratio, you will quickly lose the account once you reach a drawdown or close covered positions.

The OrdersTotal value shows the total number of open positions and pending orders. The parameter must be tracked when working with brokers that limit the number of orders, otherwise the EA may "suddenly" stop opening positions with no apparent reason, the account goes into a drawdown, a lock can not be placed manually nor by a robot - the limit on number of orders has been reached.

Constantly monitoring parameters of relative drawdown and growth/fall of the current equity relative to the initial deposit will not add you money directly, but you will be able to see in time that "something must be done urgently."

How to check

Run the indicator in the tester of a real of demo account, which has open positions on multiple pairs, and you will immediately see the information about everything that is present on the account. If positions are open on one pair only, the summary table will contain only one row.

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