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Stealth Robot

The EA works on three Moving Average indicators and MACD indicator. In combination, these indicators provide a very good analysis of the current trend. If the average MA crosses the top MA and MACD shows an uptrend - buy. And sell if MACD shows below 0 and the average MA crosses the bottom MA.

The EA has flat filter! If a flat is formed, ea will display it on the chart and stop trading. As soon as the flat is over and the price breaks the channel, the EA will immediately continue trading in the right direction!

If the trend has turned sharply, EA starts placing orders in the direction of the trend, thus turning the drawdown into profit!

The EA uses invisible from the broker stop loss, take profit and trailing stop.

EA settings

  • Auto Lot - auto lot (balance / auto lot * 0.01);
  • Order Lot - lot of orders, if auto lot = 0;
  • Step - step through which new orders are opened by trend;
  • Multiplier - coefficient of increasing the lot trend (from 1.1 and above);
  • Trailing Stop - trailing stop in the Deposit currency;
  • Take Profit - take profit in the Deposit currency;
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in the Deposit currency;
  • Magic number - magic number;
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