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CandleCrusherX Newsbreaker

CandleCrusherX Newsbreaker EA trades only during news times.

Open two pending orders, if one order is executed, the other will be deleted, also if no orders are executed in defined timeframe, all pendings will be deleted.

News are automatically downloaded, you have only to define which news you want to trade (low, medium, high).

The EA has integrated dynamic Take Profit. This means, if you reach your defined TP, it gives you the chance to follow on the Trend by dynamic TP & SL and extend your profits.

It works on all major forex pairs and timeframes.


  1. News URL should be enabled (Options/Experts/Allow Webrequest).
  2. We always recommended to use an ECN broker with a low spread and VPS, but it is not necessary.
  3. Use only five-digit accounts.
  4. Small spread significantly increases the EA’s efficiency.
  5. The EA works with real TP & SL -> FIFO compliant.


It is recommended to use the VPS chosen based on the closest location to the broker to achieve the lowest possible ping, which provides better conditions for the robot to place orders.

For testing you have the option to define your own “Newstimes”.


Trade Settings

  • Order Lot size
  • Pending Range – distance for opening pending orders on News time to the current rate
  • Take Profit points
  • Stop Loss points
  • Use dynamic tp/sl feature – enable/disable the dynamic Take Profit function
  • Dynamic Take Profit points – on reaching a Take Profit, this gives you the chance to follow trends and extend your profits. The take profit is set to the current rate + dynamic TP points, also dynamic Stop Loss
  • Dynamic Stoploss points – once reached, Stop Loss is set (current rate – dynamic stop loss)


  • MagicNumber – unique Expert ID
  • Order Comment
  • Slippage – max. slippage

News Settings

  • Draw lines on the chart
  • Signals on the upcoming news – alert you on news
  • Currency to display the news – fill up, which pairs you consider for news (i. e., USD,EUR,GBP,CHF,CAD,AUD,NZD,JPY)
  • Your Time Zone GMT – server time zone GMT for news
  • Order Opentime before news - seconds
  • Order Closetime after news – seconds
  • Adjust Pendings till news – seconds (pendings will be modified till defined seconds before news occur)
  • Enable light news - if true, an order will be opened on light news
  • Enable medium news - if true, an order will be opened on medium news
  • Enable hard news - if true, an order will be opened on hard news

Test News Settings

  • Run with Testnews – if true, only defined Testnews timeframes will be considered
  • Test Newstime 1
  • Test Newstime 2
  • Test Newstime 3

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