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Timed Close EA DEMO by Hitz

Timed Close EA is used to close all trades automatically at your specific time.

This is DEMO version of Timed Close EA which works only on AUDJPY currency pair with no other limitations.

Full version can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29642

How To Backtest

  • Run the EA in MT4 Strategy Tester.
  • It will open a trade at a market price, you can input trade type and lot size from Backtest Setting.
  • Set the time and verify it.

You can set the EA using any of the three options:

  1. OneTime: the EA will run only once. Execute at that date-time and stop.
  2. Weekly: the EA will run at specific day-time every week. For example, if you want to close all the trades before market close on Friday, you can use this option.
  3. Daily: the EA will run daily at a specific time.

The EA has an option to filter out the trades and works only on specific trades. The following are the filters for the EA:

  1. Magic Number: Have an option to work on all orders with the given magic number
  2. Order Number: Can work specifically on the single order with the given order number
  3. Chart: Can work for all trades of the currently attached chart

Deviation: It uses to give the time range for the EA to execute. If the deviation is 5 minutes, the EA will run in between (CloseTime) to (CloseTime + 5 min). After 5 min passed from CloseTime, it will not run and wait for the next execution time in case of Weekly or Daily.

After you attached the EA to a chart, it will show the following information:

  1. The EA status: enabled or not
  2. Running Status of the EA: OneTime, Weekly, or Daily
  3. Actions to be performed.

How to Use

You can attach the EA to a separate chart on MetaTrader 4 and it will start monitoring trades immediately. The EA will see the trades of that currency pair that it is attached to. By default, the EA will close all market orders on the currency pair it is attached to.

We recommend using EA on a demo account first to understand all the functionality.

You can hide all the information displayed in the chart by setting false to Display in Display Setting.

Indicator Settings

Time Setting

  • Activate EA: If true, the EA will work. By default, it is disabled for security reasons
  • Timed Close Type: It decides whether the EA runs one time, every week or daily
    • OneTime
    • Weekly
    • Daily
  • Close Time (OneTime): In case of OneTime. At this time, action on Action settings will be performed
  • Week Day (Weekly): In case of Weekly, at this day action mentioned in Action Setting will be performed
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday
  • Time (Format HH:MM:SS) (Daily/Weekly): In case of both Daily or Weekly, at this time actions mentioned in Action Setting will be performed
  • Deviation (in minutes): Deviation in time from Close time in case of OneTime and Time in case of Daily or Weekly

Action Setting

  • Order Number (-1 for all): If not -1, works on a trade with this order number
  • Magic Number (-1 for all): If not -1, works on all trades with this magic number
  • Currency Chart Only: If enabled, applied only to the attached chart pair. This setting sets to true and disabled in Demo version.
  • Close Pending Order: If enabled, close all pending orders
  • Slippage: Slippage in points

Display Setting

  • Display: Show the indicator information on a chart
  • Location: Location of the display window
    • Top-Left: Display all the details in top-left corner
    • Bottom-Left: Display all the details in bottom-left corner
  • Font Size: Size of the font
  • Other Color: General color
  • Header/Footer Color: Header and footer color of display window
  • Background Color: Background color of display window
  • Position X: X axis position of a display window
  • Position Y: Y axis position of a display window

Backtest Setting

  • Trade Type: It tells the type of trade open during back-test.
    • BUY
    • SELL
  • Lots: It tells how many lots to be open during back-test.


Contact me at https://www.mql5.com/en/users/hitaroratrader

You can contact me for:

  1. Any bug fixing or clarification in the EA.
  2. New additions to the EA.
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