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MaxiFinishTrend Indicator Step Profi

Generates BUY, SELL, GET PROFIT signals, scans activity of currencies every minute, calculates fast and forecast Take Profit, free Lots (and in dollars), finds orders opened earlier on the server and manages them, filters market noise.

It shows the movement of all stochastics from М1 to Н4 every minute, as well as a change in VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN. Draws signals on the chart, generates voice alerts, sends push notifications based on the specified MQID and e-mails (optional).

Shows the Trend line, actual Market Info of the dealer and displays your past orders on the chart. If open orders remain after the previous shutdown of the computer, the indicator will find them, manage them on the chart and generate a signal to close with the maximum possible profit.

The indicator is adaptable to 4- and 5-digit quotes, Screen DPI, time scale, sets Template. The scanner takes into account the digits of all currency pairs (except for Metals Spot and Fx Exotics) and provides comparable activity values.


  • GET PROFIT signal, which is generated after approaching extremes of М15 stochastic and beginning of profit decrease. When closing a deal, generates a new BUY/SELL signal. Deal should be closed by an opposite signal.
  • Avoids the disadvantage of stochastic indicators - lagging. Every minute STEP_PROFI shows changes of all stochastics on any period. For example, a rise after a fall on H1 (or M30) after can be seen on a usual stochastic after 60 minutes for H1 or after 30 minutes on M30. This indicator displays this information in a minute, allowing you to obtain a better result.
  • You can trade on a higher period, while the indicator tracks the market every minute, so you can trade inside a candle of a higher period.
  • You see all stochastics combined together and can analyze them together with forecasts of experts and news, and increase the efficiency of trading, while the STEP_PROFI indicator shows the beginning of unexpected movements faster.

This indicator is an automatic tracking system, which generates signals with typical combinations of parameters. Filters block random tick "spikes" and "swings" (Profit indication with the block does not coincide with the terminal). Not redrawn.


  • After a signal do not hurry, check M1 and M5 lines and open after they are broken if they move in the direction of the signal. Filtering all false signals is impossible.
  • Do not trade with little activity, select the active symbol from the Scanner. Optimal ACTIV is from 5 to 50, trade carefully above 56.
  • Do not set Stop Loss below forecasted TAKE PROFIT and below 28 (280) points.
  • Study test results to understand if you should act before or after the signal (algorithm is optimized for GBPUSD, 5-digits, low risk and average parameters are different for each broker, the same tests on charts of different brokers may differ greately).
  • Analyze tests to determine the best symbols of your broker. Testing results are the same on different periods, but analysis should better be performed on M1.
  • If you have little experience, trade GBPUSD and follow commands.

Signals Settings

  • Notifications to MQID and e-mail (should be properly configured) with the same text = symbol.

Input parameters

  • Template_STEP_PRO - set color scheme.
  • SoundMessage - enable voice alerts.
  • TrendLine - draw trend.
  • ClearMainWindow - clear chart window from objects, do not draw anything.
  • My_Symbols_Scanner
  • SCAN1 - SCAN6 - your symbols to scan (must be enabled in Market Watch).
  • HIGHT_MovVOLUME - height of VOLUME.
  • ColorText - colors. Stochastic colors can be changed on the tab.
  • ColorHedg - color when opening BUY and SELL. When close, TrendLine color matches trend.
  • FASTTEST - fast testing, functions that do not affect the result are disabled.

Screenshot of the test for June - screenTESTjun.png. Result for 18 days - 5465 points.

The indicator author is a programmer with 33 years of programming experience, as well as forex trading experience since 2011.

mxp1 2018.06.29 12:43 

I rented this indicator and many bad, false signals. It gave buy signals when pair is tanking. Seller admitted he was working to "fix" errors with the indicator and agreed to refund. He then requested a 4 star feedback before he could authorize refund which I refused because it would be a dishonest rating for his product.

Version 18.81 2018.08.22
Улучшены дизайн и алгоритм.
Version 18.8 2018.08.03
В версии 18.8 из алгоритма исключены рискованные сигналы, добавлены предупреждения, улучшен дизайн экрана.
Version 18.7 2018.07.09
Version 18.7 features a better protection against false triggering, new profit taking algorithms and higher frequency of signal generation. Display design has been improved.
Version 18.6 2018.07.05
New version 18.6 features an optimized algorithm for generating signals. Also, display errors on some monitor types have been fixed.