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This is a strategy based on support and resistance for swing trading.

K line pattern combination and pivot supporting/ resistant level will also be used.

You can also define the trading side manually , so the trades can only open in the side as you defined, and can also from both directions if left automatically.

Lots to open and Maximum allowed trades are been limited by parameters, this provide a very flexible risk management for traders.


Amount to Open in lots:                      Lots to open.

Maximum allowed trades in one side:  Maximum trades could open in one side, but both sides could be open in the same time.

Manual defined trading side:               You can define the trading side manually if you are confident with the direction that price will move.

Strategy Time frame:                          Main time frame that the strategy mainly judges.

Time Difference limit to open trades:  Interval of trades allowed to open

Stop Points in 5 digits:                         ST to trades;

Limit Points in 5 digits:                       TP to trades;

Retry times when trades failed:          Maximum times that EA will try to open when trades failed.

Deviation Points:                                Deviations in points allowed when placed trades, but this functions are disabled by many brokers.

This EA is free for your to trade and testing, we have also many other good strategies available in AlgoBuy website: https://www.algobuy.com/en/stralist.aspx

Please contact us if you are interested.

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Version 2.0 2018.11.12
Lots calculation updated.