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Partial Close EA by Hitz

Partial Close EA is used to partially close running trades.

To test the EA in the live market, please use the DEMO version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29930

How To Backtest

  • Run the EA in MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester.
  • It will open a trade at a market price, you can input trade type and lot size from Backtest Setting.
  • Set partial close points and verify it.

The EA has an option to filter out the trades and works only on specific trades. Following are the filters for the EA:

  1. Magic Number: Have an option to work on all orders with the given magic number
  2. Order Number: Can work specifically on the single order with the given order number
  3. Chart: Can work for all the trades of the currently attached chart

Example: Let’s say the lot size of any trade is 1 lot and the following is the EA setting:

  • Parts = 3
  • Start Point = 200
  • Step Point = 50
  • Close Percent = 25 %
  • Breakeven After Close = 2

Now it will close the trades in 3 parts:

  1. 0.25 lots (25%) at 200 points profit
  2. 0.25 lots (25%) at 250 points profit and set Stop loss to Breakeven
  3. 0.25 lots (25%) at 300 points profit

The remaining 0.25 lots will be left as is.

After you attached the EA to a chart, it will show the following information:

  1. All manage trade information
  2. All close trade information

How to Use: You can attach EA to a separate chart on MetaTrader 4 and it will apply partial close to all trades selected by magic number or trade number. The EA will see the trades of that currency pair that it is attached to. By default, the EA will apply partial close to any market order on the currency pair it is attached to.

We recommend using EA in demo account first to understand all the functionality.

You can hide all the information displayed in the chart by setting false to Display in Display Setting.

Indicator Settings

Manage Setting

  • Magic Number (-1 for all): If not -1, works only for the trades with this magic number
  • Order Number (0 for all): If not 0, works only for the trade with this order number
  • Current Chart Only: If enabled, applied only to the attached chart pair

Close Setting

  • Parts: Maximum division of trades
  • Start Point: Start partial closing the trades from this profit in points
  • Step Point: Partial close the trades at every Step Point
  • Close Percent (%): % of trades close after every Step Point
  • Breakeven After (0 for not set): Set Stop Loss to breakeven after the partial close this number of trades
  • Slippage Points: Allowed slippage in points while closing the trade

Display Setting

  • Display: Shows the indicator information on chart
  • Location: Location of the display window
    • Top-Left: Display all the details in top-left place
    • Bottom-Left: Display all the details in bottom-left place
  • Font Size: Size of the font
  • Other Color: General Color
  • Header/Footer Color: Header and footer color of display window
  • Background Color: Background color of display window
  • Position X: X-axis position of display window
  • Position Y: Y-axis position of display window

Backtest Setting

  • Trade Type: the type of trade open during backtest.
    • BUY
    • SELL
  • Lots: the lot size to be opened during backtest.


Connect with me at https://www.mql5.com/en/users/hitaroratrader

You can contact me for:

  1. Any bug fixing or clarification in the EA.
  2. New additions to the EA.
kinao 2018.09.25 05:21   

I recently bought partial close EA, and suggest two updates(fixes).

1. In display window, Step(Points) shows Close percent(not step points).

2. to cover commission expenses after breakeven, I need a option which add X pips(the breakeven price + X pips)