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WARNING: This product is a utility. You need to have to your own Expert Advisor beforehand. Make sure you ask any question you might have before you purchase.

Twinie is a powerful, clean and uncomplicated tool that allows traders to copy and monitor trades created by another twin Expert Advisor of your own, all in a fully controlled and automated way. Twinie not only copies what you decide to, but also monitors the twin Expert Advisor applying immediately any change on the Stop Loss, Take Profit or even closing a trade should the twin Expert Advisor close its original trade. Twinie gives you the power to decide who to copy from, when and how much. Twinie is intended to be used in conjunction with another Expert Advisor of your own.

If you want to test this product you can download the free Twinie demo with some limited options here.

Technical notes

  • Twinie presents three possible statuses:
    • Disallowed: Twinie is not allowed to perform any activity. Verify that the "Allow live trading" checkbox in the "Common" tab of Twinie properties is ticked, and that the "AutoTrading" button of your MetaTrader 4 Standard toolbar is active.
    • Monitoring: Twinie is within the activity time window, and ready to monitor and trade.
    • Sleeping: Twinie is active but out of the activity time window. No monitoring is carried out.
  • Twinie monitors the MetaTrader 4 client during a period of time (certain days during a given time frame) looking for new trades opened by a twin Expert Advisor.
  • Twinie copies only new trades opened during this time window from the twin Expert Advisor respecting currency pair, trade type, Stop Loss and Take Profit. Any modification made by the twin Expert Advisor on the Stop Loss and/or Take Profit on the original trade during this time window is immediately applied to the trade copied by Twinie.
  • Twinie does not copy any existing trade opened by the twin Expert Advisor at the moment it starts monitoring.
  • Twinie closes any trade closed by the twin Expert Advisor during the time window.
  • Twinie does not close any trade opened at the moment it starts sleeping.
  • Twinie respects with precision the time window for trading, taking into account either local operating system time or the broker's server time.
  • Twinie remains sleeping out of the indicated time window. No trades nor modifications happen during this period.
  • Twinie can be added to any chart regardless its currency pair and time frame. Twinie simply copies from the desired twin Expert Advisor.

Parameters Description

    • Magic: 8-digit unique Magic Number of Twinie (by default "22022012").
    • Twin: unique Magic Number of the Expert Advisor to copy/monitor trades from, e.g., "12345" (by default "0").
    • Size: lot size of the trades to be opened (by default "0.01").
    • Investment: used to calculate dynamic lots based on the account equity (by default "0").
      • When zero the lot size will always be fixed as indicated in the "Size" parameter"
      • When there is a positive value the lot size will be calculated according to the following formula: Equity / Investment * Size. For instance, if the equity is $1,000, "Investment" is 200, and "Size" is 0.01 the EA will add "0.01" lots for every "200" units of equity, that is: 1,000 / 200 * 0.01 = 0.05 lots.
    • Comment: custom comment of the trade (by default "Twinie").
    • Foreground: color picker for the foreground text (by default "White").
    • Monday: allows Twinie to trade on Monday (by default "true").
    • Tuesday: allows Twinie to trade on Tuesday (by default "true").
    • Wednesday: allows Twinie to trade on Wednesday (by default "true").
    • Thursday: allows Twinie to trade on Thursday (by default "true").
    • Friday: allows Twinie to trade on Friday (by default "true").
    • Locale: choose between your broker's server time (MetaTrader 4 time) or your local time (operating system time). By default "Broker_time".
    • Start: 4-digit military-like time value with format HHMM (by default "0000").
    • End: 4-digit military-like time value with format HHMM (by default "0000").

Important technical note: after disallowing/unloading Twinie make sure there is a lapse of 15 seconds before allowing/loading Twinie again. This is needed in order to preserve any existing trades that Twinie might have left open at the moment it went to sleep or was disallowed/unloaded.

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