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The Special BreakOut For MINI Dow

This is a an advanced trading system used only for Mini Dow. This trading system is based on special daily breakout depending on start and end time of calculations. Using these calculations, it will place either Limit orders or Market orders. The M5 timeframe is recommended.

Settings will be uploaded for Mini Dow 30

Trading Strategy

The Special BreakOut For Mini Dow system calculates a daily movement of the price and predicts the reversal of the price by creating Bull Trap or Bear Trap or Market execution


  • Fixed lot and auto lot
  • Trades safely
  • Trailing Stop
  • System needs time for calculation, keeping the system open is mandatory


  • Start Time: EA Start Calculating
  • Stop Time: EA Stop Calculating And to Be Ready For Trading
  • Min. Session: Minimum pips the price travels between start and end time
  • Max. Session: Maximum pips the price travels between start and end time
  • Max. Candle: the length of candle at the time of breakout (how many pips)
  • Fixed Lot Size (True/False)
  • Use Money Management (True/False)
  • Risk Per Trade, % - how much percent the EA will use from the balance
  • Stop Loss, points
  • Take Profit
  • Order Comment
  • Max. Positions: How many orders you want the EA to trade
  • Max. Slippage
  • Trailing Stop
  • Trailing Start
  • Trailing Step
  • Magic Number: unique number
  • Use Partial Close: to close the lot partially after reaching number of points specified
  • Partial Trigger: how many points you want the EA to close the order partially
  • Close Percent: how much percent you want the EA to close from your open lot
  • Show POP up: pop up message alert
  • Send Email: Email notification when opening orders
  • Play Sound
  • Box Color: the trading zone color


  • Best with VPS
  • mini Dow 30
  • M5 timeframe
  • Do not shutdown the system during the trading days to get better results


  • Start time (GMT+3)
  • End time (GMT+3)
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