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Pro Trading Panel Demo version

Professional Trading Panel features (in Full Version):

  • Fast set orders with complete specifications
  • Moving panel in everywhere of your chart
  • Open positions based on "Lots" and "Risk%"
  • Balance, Spreads, Equity and P/L on panel
  • SL and TP in "pips" and "price" (switch by clicking on it)
  • Setting SL/TP by simple clicking on Visual before entering a trade
  • Full details of positions in "Show Trades"
  • Changing SL/TP, modify orders, P/L in pips in "Show Trades"
  • Set BreakEven and Trailing Stops with full options in "Show Trades"
  • Close optional part of your lot size in "close" mode in "Show Trades"
  • Total "pips" in "Show Trades"
  • Close "symbol" and close "All" in panel

Indicator Parameters

  • BEOffsetpips - Determine how many pips SL moves away from entry point (broker commission) when you click on BE. (available in Full Version)
  • LotsIsRisk - to show Lots as default on panel.
  • Lots - Default lot size.
  • Slippage - Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade and the price at which the trade is actually executed (pips).
  • TradingPerPage - how many positions it will be show on "Show Trades".
  • UpdateSeconds - update panel per second.
  • BackGroundColor - color of panel background.
  • ProfitColor - Color of Profit numbers.
  • LossColor - Color of Loss numbers.

Trading Panel Parameters

  • Buy/Sell - simple button to open a Sell/Buy order.
  • Spreads/Balance/Equity/ P.L - useful information on your account.
  • Lots/Risk% - Click on it to change/open position based on your custom risk or lot size. (Risk% is available in Full Version)
  • SL/TP - Click on it to change/set SL, TP based on Pips or Price.
  • Visual SL/TP - Set your SL, TP before enter trade by a horizontal line. (available in Full Version)
  • Close S - Close all of your positions in exact Symbol that you run panel.
  • Close A - Close all of your open positions.
  • Show Trades - Full options of open positions.
  • BreakEven (Show Trades) - Set BE for every positions immediately or with Trigger. (available in Full Version)
  • Trailing Stops (Show Trades) - Set Trailing stop loss for each positions easily. (available in Full Version)
  • Close (Show Trades) - Close optional Part of your positions and click on Cross. (available in Full Version)
  • i Button - Full details of account based on pips and Gain and profit.

This panel will helps a professional trader to be fast and use maximum optional things to trade.

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